6+ Ways to Green a House With a Limited Space


6+ Ways to Green a House With a Limited Space

Homiful.com -- Awesome garden design having a narrow house doesn't mean that you cannot go green. Generally, a go-green house is characterized by the atmosphere obtained, both inside the house and around it. The characteristic which is most easily recognized is the presence of plants or vegetation. The existence of shady trees, various shrubs, evergreen plants, up to potted plants becomes the mainstay in creating a beautiful atmosphere at home. With a garden a house will feel comfortable to live in, especially during summer.

Roof garden


For those of you who want to make a green home but do not have enough land, there is no need to worry. It turn out that the rooftop oy your house can also be made a roof garden, even if it is possible to be a roof terrace when the roof is in the form of concrete cast. A house roof garden can be greening filter which makes the heat from outside come in through the roof of the house. At the same time, a roof garden also acts rainwater absorption, which has a good impact on the environment of your home.

Complete facilities for a small back garden of the house


If it has a small and narrow area in the house, the greening element should not dominate. You can add other elements such as a play area, swimming pool to a relaxing place in the from of a swing garden. But to provide freshness in this place, you can make a beautiful visual on the land with ornamental grass that serves to permeate when the rainy season arrives. So that the atmosphere at night can be enjoyed more comfortably, add decorative lights for beautiful decoration and lighting.

Inner garden urban jungle concept house


To make use of the land at home with a refreshing green atmosphere, the narrow land in the house can be your inspiration. Carrying the concept of urban jungle, cool and beautiful green created form the selection of Monstera type plant whose natural habitat form the forest. The a small part in this semi-open house you can maximize for a fresh and healthy green house.

Balcony of the house


Fresh green open impression this time you can take advantage of on the balcony of the house. Even with a small size, you can top the land with artificial grass for a cool and visually beautiful impression. Put a variety of ornamental plants, you can also create a vertical garden that is cost-effective. This way can save land around the house that you can change for the room or other places that give a fresh effect to the house.

Evergreen (Vertical Garden)


Greening in your home can also be realized by creating an evergreen or vertical garden. Evergreen derived from two words vertical and green, or can be interpreted as greening vertically. Evergreen can be applied to the wall that stands at the front of your house, on the side of the house and applied to your room that has voids or smooth air circulation. The planting media on evergreen is the same as a roof garden; you can directly use the soil on the wall. Evergreen usually uses a kind of brick wall with holes which are then filled with soil. If you want to save money, you can use your unused shelf and put the potted plants on it.

Small garden next to the house


There is no other way that can be done when having limited land in the house. This time you can leave a little land next to the house to create a mini garden concept with various type of productive plants. Such as vegetables you can turn to add natural freshness and the concept of e healthy green house. This is very effective, you do without confusion to create a simple garden design.

Add elements of small fishponds in the yard of the house


Green elements and water for the park in narrow areas is very much the right combination. Not only impressed fresh, the presence of fishponds also provide tranquility for minimalist house, especially if the garden is narrow like this. Present ornamental plants to add a cool natural green element.

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