6 Stunning Small Backyard Houses

Homiful.com -- You can build a tiny house in the backyard. An extra house in the backyard can be used for various purposes. Maybe you want to make it a space to bring family member together, a special space to enjoy the backyard garden or a special fun place for your little one. 

If you want to build a small backyard houses, here are a few design of 6 Stunning Small Backyard Houses.

A versatile small backyard house


The homeowner have created a versatile backyard garden. There are place for eating, relaxing and planting. In the backyard, there is also a tiny box house in jet black. The house can be used as a special place to bring family member together, while watching the garden scenery.

A jet black tiny house


Need a specialized space? You can build a small house in the rest of the backyard. The small backyard house can be used for a special place to work or a barn studio. Here, you can focus on work without being distracted by others.  The small house is painted in black which contrast with its surrounding.

A stylish small backyard house


The outdoor space is not completed without small a backyard house, especially if you have a large backyard. Maximize the space by building a 350 sq small house as a pool house and guest quarter.

A vintage tiny backyard house


Bring the ideas of small house in the painting to the real world. You can build a vintage-style backyard house which is equipped with a beautiful flower garden. These vintage outdoor living space with will make your backyard have a stylish and unique look.

A backyard house for kids


Create a tiny house for your little one to have fun. The house design can be made to look like a shop at a flea market. Let them have their own play zone, and let them make a nice memory while playing with their friend in the backyard.

A cozy small backyard house


If you need some extra space, you can build a tiny house in the backyard. The house can be used as a place to host a party or a place for contemplation and self-evaluation. The atmosphere in the house feel so warm and cozy, thanks to the dim lighting that brighten up the space.

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