6+ Small (But Mighty) Kitchen Design Ideas


Homiful.com -- The design of small kitchen often makes your wiggle room limited. But no matter the size of your  kitchen, it won't be a problem knowing the tricks to keep the kitchen comfortable. 

With the selection of furniture, until the right arrangement, of course you will get a comfortable kitchen design. Then what are the tricks for the design of a small kitchen? Check out the "6+ small (but mighty) kitchen design ideas review below.

Small kitchen with semi outdoor concept

by : @rumah_raffasya

The first small kitchen design comes with a comfortable semi outdoor concept. The kitchen is coolly designed and located adjacent to the back garden of the house. That way, your cooking atmosphere is certainly more fun with a beautiful green scenery. The use of linier kitchen set model gives a more spacious impression.

Small kitchen with a touch of cozy pink

by : @rumahpinkyira

To make the small kitchen look more spacious and fun, you can use a good lighting. If your kitchen doesn;t have windows, you can get around it with the use of bright white shades. Combine it with pink for a more cozy kitchen feel.

Function kitchen with open shelves

by : @casacalva

The use of cabinets on small kitchen designs will only make the room more full. Well you can replace it by using an open shelf, with your kitchen will be more spacious. You can make use of this open shelf to place a variety of other kitchen utensils.

Minimalist small kitchen design

by : @homamemoo

Minimalist concept is a design suitable for small houses. The main thing when designing a small kitchen is to use a sufficient amount of furniture. The shape of the kitchen set with straight and uncomplicated model makes the kitchen feel more spacious.

Kitchen design with functional mini bar

by : @kitchen.iddea

The following kitchens are designed in a modern style that looks functional. The kitchen is equipped with a functional mini bar. In addition to being able to use it as a dining room, this bar table is also a barrier to the kitchen area and other spaces. How are you interested in this kitchen?

Small kitchen design with windows

by : @nurrin.nurrinawati

The following kitchen inspirations are designed complete with minimalist windows. The window functions as a natural lighting source so that it makes your kitchen look brighter. The presence of windows also makes the air circulation run well.

Kitchen design with indoor garden

by : @rumahazkaa

Presenting green elements in the room is proven to give the impression of a cooler and refreshing looking room. This small kitchen is designed adjacent to the garden. The mini garden uses a transparent roof that allows light to still penetrate into the room.

That's review about 6+ small (but mighty) kitchen design ideas that you can use as inspiration at home. From some kitchen designs above, which one is your favorite?

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