6 Simple and Fun Ideas to Put Two Beds in Single Room

Homiful.com -- Due to some considerations, some of us must put two beds in a small bedroom. The idea sound easy, but somehow it makes us struggle through the process. Because, when we try to fit in two bedroom in a single room, we also have to pay attention to the dimensions of the room, so that the two bed in single room do not make the latitude became narrower and limited.

So, here we present  6 Simple and Fun Ideas to Put Two Beds in Single Room. These ideas are quite simple. It will make you easier  to realize a comfy sharing room at home.

Put two beds lengthwise against the wall in narrow and long room.

Two beds are perfectly placed in a narrow and elongated bedroom design. You can put twin beds lengthwise against the wall, following the dimensions of the length of the room.

For more storage idea, you can use wall space to hang clothing racks and shelves on it. Build shelves along the wall to maximize the space to keep your clothes in order.

Play with Some Colors

Kids tend to like a sharing bedroom, whether a sharing bedroom with their brother or even with parents. If you need to make a kid's sharing room, you can design the bedroom in more colorful color. For example, you can paint the wall in orange color to make the room look more cheerful and fun. 

Use a combination of bed sizes

Don't push yourself. If you can't put two bedrooms of the same size in one room, you can play with a combination of bed sizes. Queen and single bed can be placed next to each other. That way, the room with 'double bed' looks neater.

Keep The Room Bright with Natural Light

A single room with two beds still feel and look so cozy if it arrange carefully. Other than bed and furniture arrangement, make sure the room have adequate windows. The window have important functions. It can make the small room look brighter. At the same time, the window allow fresh air to freshen up the room.

On Floor Triple Beds Design 

Most of 'double bed' in these bedroom is using on floor bed design. On floor design is the best choice for a small room, because it is more practical and on budget. On a single room, you can even put three bed in same room. If you want to make it look more chic, you can pick an industrial theme like the one above.

Side by Side Arrangement

The most way of setting up the two beds in one room is by arranging the beds side by side. You can place a chair and cabinet in front of the two beds. Create a cozy and cool atmosphere by choosing marble flooring and a touch of lilac color as the wall paint.

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