6 Of The Best Open Design Showers

6 Of The Best Open Design Showers

Homiful.com -- One way to get a modern and sleek bathroom design is to choose an open shower design. As with open or partially enclosed bathrooms, open shower bathrooms you can try to apply. You even addend a clear glass partition to create an open concept that's a bit of privacy. You want to know how people design it beautifully, below is a reference to the best open shower design you can try!

Open shower design, Balinese natural feel


First open shower design with a natural Balinese feel you can try. The arrangement of walls of stone and sand for the land is made to get a natural atmosphere that is grounded. Complete with a system of drainage to drain water in the shower so as not to flood.

Half open shower


You may also be interested in the following natural half-open shower design. Broken stone walls, cement neatly mixed into bathroom partitions. Wide open and fresh visuals will give the impression of privacy from the existence of this broken stone wall. Use ceramic rough texture to avoid falling.

Bathroom near the garden with free open shower


Including tropical, homeowners would not be complete without an open shower bathroom design. Expose brick wall is used of the placement of shower ducts at the bottom directly as drainage channels are composed of wooden panels.

Shower and cement bathtub


If you like the idea of taking a shower by soaking first before going to the shower, this style featuring a shower and open-air bath is perfect for you to try. Although open, the atmosphere of privacy can till be enjoyed in the summer quietly. Create beautiful concepts and visuals, expose cement tubs you can make yourself easily industrialist. 

Semi-open shower and barrier wall 


For those of you who are among those who do not want to be bothered at all when bathing and need a natural feel open, a roofless shower with a shower of water flowing rapidly like rain could be your choice. Given a wall barrier to make your bath more comfortable. Semi-open shower concept with wood material and natural stone walls can be applied to tropical house.

 Open shower accompanied by a modern bathtub


Bathing is one of routines to refresh the body to refresh. It is necessary to change the design of your bathroom with a beautiful and comfortable arrangement. Open showers are limited to glass partitions, as this door makes it look modern. Especially if you like the atmosphere of soaking with warm water to bends your mind, this will help you get life back.

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