6 Most Beautiful Types of Caladiums

Homiful.com -- Caladium is a tropical plant that has quite large leaves. This plant is commonly used as an ornamental plant to decorate the garden. In addition to being planted in the garden or outdoor space, caladium can also be used as indoor plant that can beautify the room. 

If you are looking for fashionable-foliage plants that can add spark up your landscape and interior, keep reading for 6 most beautiful types of caladium.

Heart's Delight Caladium


Some people know this type of plant as caladium red star. The leaves have large heart shaped that will add spark to the landscape. The leaf pattern is so exotic, with pink middle veins and white spots. This type of caladium is very easy to grow and easy to take care.



There are more than 50s type of caladium varieties, but you can't miss this one. It has medium to large white and green veined leaves. This plant can also grow quite tall. You can put in a pot holder and place them in the corner of your room. No more empty corner, but a fresh and beautiful corner with candidum plant.

White Queen


The leaves on the white queen caladium have a white base color with a thin green fringe. The white color of the leaves is also decorated with a fine green veins, while the midveins act as accents of deep pink color that contrast with the leaves.



A fashionable foliage plant, a Rosebud features beautiful large leaves with a pink center. The pink veins on this plant are preserved in a faint white color, making it appear even more striking.

Caladium Radiance


Radiance with a pink tinge that spreads throughout the leaves is perfect to brighten your yard. The white dots make this type of caladium look more vibrant. The older and larger the plan, the wider the leaf size and the pink color is getting thicker too. 

Pink Beauty


Pink beauty caladium have small to medium leaves. The leaves have an exotic and unique pattern. The deep crimson veins that surrounded by green foliage is making this plant look so eye-catching. Place it in an area that is not exposed to direct sunlight, such as next to a window.


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