6 Decorating TV Table and Wall with Posters

Homiful.com -- An item that must be at home is TV. Mostly, walls in the TV area are lighter shades that make the TV seems out of place in this area. But, you can make it creative to be a great place. You can add your photo or poster or some else to the wall that behind your TV. And you can be decors the TV table to make beautiful. So, this is 6 Decorating TV Tables and Wall with Posters you can be an inspiration.

Wall Behind TV with Posters Gallery

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Interior designs that have white dominant make it looks spacious. But, if you put the television in this room, it makes looks so shiny and contrast. You can be adding the posters or some photo to the wall in this room. Make the frame of photo have black color to reduce the shiny and spacious effect. And look! It's awesome.

TV Sticking to the White Wall

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Put the television on the table, it's to mainstream and look like very bored. So, you can put the television sticking to the wall to make new atmosphere. With the white or shiny wall color, give patch rack above the television. In this patch rack, you can put your books, posters, photos or whatever do you want. Don't miss the plants around your television to make the room feel fresh.

White TV Cabinet and Grey Wall with Posters and Photo

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If you have gray wall behind the television table, you can fill it with posters that are framing the television. Combined with television table that have white color and have cabinet model looks so cool and fantastic. Put the plants on the side of the television cabinet table. Give carpet that the function as a layer from vinyl or wooden flooring.

Wood TV Rack and White Wall Posters Make Natural

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Another decors wall with posters behind television table are make it looks like natural. Posters that framing television, forming a neat order behind television not forming random shape as before. Dominated room with bright effect color, the table made in columns and shelves that the materials from wood. Adding with chandelier make this room get warm.

Combine TV and Book Shelves with Plants

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These decors are looks like full of the elements. Big and little posters behind the television table get the room not monotonous. Shelves under television table can use to put the books or whatever. Carpet that have full motifs fill the room. Furniture laying on the carpet fill this room and make it looks full but warm. Don't miss with the plants at the corner of the room to get the room feel fresh.

Simple Framing TV

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Don't like more posters that are make wall looks like full. But if you don't like the wall with monotonous, you can put a poster and some simple posters to framing your television. The television table combined with cabinet located under the table. In this cabinet you can put things to watch near around the television room. If the television table look beautiful, you can put decorative elements on the side of the television.

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