6 Chic Bunk Bed Ideas for Kids and Adults

Homiful.com -- Bunk beds is the good choice for a small rooms and apartments. It will help you to maximize the small space vertically. Although the bunk bed are more commonly used for kid's bedrooms, but most bunk beds will fit for a full-grown adult. Both kid or adult's bedroom that use bunk beds must choose a sturdy bunk bed for safety reason, especially for a full-grown adult. 

Other than using a sturdy bunk beds, you can turn the space under the top bed into a more functional space, such as work space or a relaxing space. So many things you can do, but if you need a cool bunk bed idea, keep reading for 6 Chic Bunk Bed Ideas for Kids and Adults.

The Kids Bunk Beds with A Study Desk

Bunk beds are mostly suited to children between ages of 4 and 16, but only children aged 6 years and above that could sleep in the top bed. For safety purpose, you can choose a metal bunk beds like the one above. Metal bunk bed is one of the long-lasting in term of years of use. It's still a perfect idea to use guard rail to avoid from falling out from the top bed. 

The space under the top bed can be used as study desk. This way, children will have a bedroom plus a study room at the same place. It's quite effective and saving space.

The Adult Bunk Beds with A Minimalist Work Desk

The next bunk bed design is will quite comfortably fit to a full-grown adult. The design is also quite mature and calm, with no cute accessories on it. Only orange bedsheet and an orange rug to create a fresh atmosphere to the bunk bedroom design. The space under the top bunk is used as a minimalist work desk to help you write a daily journal.

The Bunk Bed Room for A Girl

Some girls tend to like a calm atmosphere in their bedroom. You also can create one with bunk bed design. You can pick a metal bunk bed with black finishing. The black color will give a strong and elegant impression. Then to sweeten up the room, you can choose a blush pink bedsheet and a rug in vintage look to create a calm and mature atmosphere in the bedroom.

Let The Kids Play in the Under Bunk Bed

Children tend to like bedrooms with bunk beds. To save space, you can design a playroom under the top bunk. For example, design two seats that blend into the bunk bed frame. There is also a floating table where to put their toys. Children can invite their friends to play in the room, just make sure they do not climb to the top bunk that does not necessarily fit for the weight of more than one child.

The Stylish Bunk Bed Ideas

There are many ways to make bunk bed more stylish. You can make the space under the top bunk as a personal area. For example, if you like to have a gaming hobby, then placing a gaming computer with comfy seat is the best way to do. The high technology on the space will make it look stylish and chic.

The Wooden Bunk Bed with Chic Arrangement

Wooden bunk bed is better than metal bunk beds, if you choose the high quality wood. Better pick a solid wood rather than artificial wood in terms of durability. The wooden bunk bed is also had a stylish design. You can pick a white bunk bed design that look match with the black soft furnishings. Under the top bunk, create a personal space such as a work desk.

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