5+ Kids Bedroom with Study Room Ideas

Homiful.com -- Apart from having a comfy bed and fun decorations, you can design your kids' bedroom with a study space. A study space in the bedroom will make the child more diligent to learn and do their homework. The study space in the kid's bedroom also will provide focus as they learn.

Integrating kid's bedroom with study room is also perfect for those of you who have limited land. Making children's rooms more multifunctional will certainly save more space. In addition, the idea of combining a study room with a bedroom can provide comfort. After learning, the children can go straight to the bed to rest.

A compact study table next to the bed


If the kid's bedroom space is quite small, no need to worry. You can still present a study room. We advise you to choose a small or compact study table in their room. Choose a study table that is slim and has a desk leg that is light and easy to move, if you want to change the atmosphere in the room. But, you can put the study table next to the bed to save more space.

Minimalist but Comfy Bedroom with Study Space


It's better to create a kid's bedroom with certain themed. You can pick matching or themed furniture in their bedroom.  It will certainly give a pleasant feel to the bedroom combined with the study room. Place a study cabinet in the corner of the room opposite the bed, so that the study area doesn't disturb the mobility in the bedroom. 

Fun Kid's Bedroom with a Small Study Table


When designing a kid's bedroom, adjust their age and character. Children under the age of 10 still love rooms that look bright, colorful and fun. You can make the children's room look lively with wall decorations in various styles. Don't forget, choose a study table design that fits your child's posture and age. Small tables and chairs placed in the room are enough for kindergarten or pre-school children.


Bright Yellow Bedroom with A Simple Study Table


The bedroom room in yellow certainly looks bright and brings positive mood to the children. You can choose the bedsheet in bright red to make it appear contrast and liven up the room. In the corner of the room, put a study table so that the child is more diligent in studying. Choose a study chair model in red accents to make it match the bed.

On Floor Bed with A Study Table


Small bedroom sometimes feel cramped. But there are ways to make it feel more roomy. You can put a child's mattress on the floor without a bed. This will give the illusion of a wider-looking space. Choose white paint too for a kid's room that looks more spacious.

The selection of furniture also affects the comfort of the room. To avoid getting narrower, choose a slim and minimalist study table model, as shown above. Place it in the corner of the room to keep the space to move around in the room.


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