Timeless Concrete Kitchens Design to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Update

Homiful.com -- Concrete kitchens bring a sense of earthiness that suit a variety of interior design ranging from minimalist, Scandinavian to industrial. The use of concrete can be applied to countertops, kitchen walls up to kitchen floor. The wow factor of concrete materials is durable and easy to clean and maintain. It's the definition of a slick combination of unified functionality and beauty. 

So, if you're kind of an interest in concrete kitchen design, we've presented you Timeless Concrete Kitchens Design to Inspire Your Next Kitchen Update.

Concrete Countertops Design 


Concrete countertop will bring you some earthiness vibe. Especially if you combine it with a cabinet of wood material. The combination of dark gray on concrete and light brown from wood appears contrasting and provides a pleasant visualization. Give decoration in the form of greenery to make the kitchen feel fresher. 

Industrial Kitchen Vibe

cr: kwang_san

The exposed concrete kitchen is perfect for industrial house design. You can apply exposed cement/concrete with a smooth finish on the kitchen wall. Also customize a counter top of exposed concrete to make it look more perfect.

The long and straight kitchen table serves as a cooking area and a sink. Shelves are a type of furniture that can be hung on the wall.  The kitchen is connected to the backyard, so you can enjoy garden views from inside the kitchen.  

A versatile concrete kitchen


Concrete kitchen design is also suitable for simple minimalist house. The atmosphere of the kitchen looks brighter with a window just above the sink area. Kitchen walls of wood material are used to hang cooking utensils. Meanwhile, the area under the kitchen table can be functioned as a storage area.

The main material of counter tops is polished concrete material so that it is compatible with wood materials for furniture, walls and windows that are furnished naturally.

Outdoor Concrete Kitchens


For the outdoor kitchen, make sure you choose the right material. Choose strong materials and weather resistance, both hot, rainy and winter air. Exposed concrete can be a very appropriate choice. The kitchen with exposed concrete is certainly guaranteed durability.

Minimalist Concrete Kitchen Benchtops


The kitchen above looks so beautiful, simple and understated. The natural elements look harmonious with modern furniture. Just keep in mind, when you choose to build a concrete kitchen bench tops you need to regularly sealed to keep it stain-free from acids and oily dish (*bluetea).

Having a concrete kitchen is wonderful and giving your kitchen a new and timeless look. But, if you want this kind of kitchen, make sure its professionally installed and regularly maintained.

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