Smart Scandinavian Interior Design Hack Shall You Try at Home

Smart Scandinavian Interior Design Hack Shall You Try at Home -- Scandinavian home interior design is characterized by the existence of a simple minimalist concept but does not leave the function of the room. Although Scandinavian concept has existed since the 1950s, this design is one that still pops out to be applied to various sizes of house. This time there are several ways to hack Scandinavian style interior design that can be applied easily in this way:

Provide furniture with a warm impression

By putting forward a warm theme, you can choose earth tone furniture or other materials made of wool and sheepskin. In addition, you can control the room in the house by arranging furniture based on functional and usability to make Scandinavian style more comfortable. 

Functional priority for the living room

As mentioned, if Scandinavian interior style always prioritizes simplicity and functionality. That way, you can decorate the living room area with simple decorative accents. You can use subtle textures and colors such as beige and brown to make it warmer. Decorate also the living room area on the sofa with cushions to add simple decoration.

Use wood elements

The following Scandinavian interior design applies wooden elements that you can not only use on the floor. But it can be for room furniture, kitchen utensils and also other tools. As the current trend Scandinavian decoration combines metal finishing and wood elements to make it more charming and shine.

Decorated with fresh plant and flowers

If you use Scandinavian themes for home interior, you need to add color elements and also beauty without leaving the function. One of them as a consideration of decor, use indoor plants as well as fresh flowers, Because it has become the trust of some designer if  Scandinavian houses need fresh flowers in it in order to bring out a natural impression.

Focus on one color palette

To design a deep Scandinavian style, such as grays, whites, brown and blacks. Focus on one neutral color to give a clean and calming effect to the interior of this bedroom. So that it is not monotonous, place ornamental plants as decorations such as fresh flowers and also indoor plant for natural freshness of the space.

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