Modern Minimalist Tropical House Design

Modern Minimalist Tropical House Design -- Having a tropical modern home design is an architectural style that can withstand tropical climates and weather at the same time. The details of building components are designed in such a way that light can enter and leave the house freely. If you live in a tropical country, then it is very fitting to design a modern tropical house which you can see in the following review!

Modern tropical house yard

To design a modern tropical house to have to prepare a special space for the yard and even the home garden. Limited land that often makes some homeowners forget to make green elements around. Even thought hot weather with high humidity around the house can be handled with a tropical garden at home. In addition to providing fresh air, the cool atmosphere in the middle of the city can still be felt.

High ceiling

To apply a modern minimalist house with a tropical concept, improve the interior of the house for cool and comfortable air circulation. One of them by raising the ceiling of the house. You can also design with voids and ceilings that penetrate the second floor. So that the air flow can change smoothly and the space seems relieved.

Glass walls and large windows

Glass walls and windows can make the room feel fresher and brighter. Sunlight can enter the room more freely so the air is much better. You can install a functional skylight for the interior of the house so that the house looks more stylish and modern.

Environmentally friendly and save electricity

Applying the tropical concept at home has advantages that you can feel. One of them is energy saving and also environmentally friendly. Because the lighting of this tropical house uses open space at the top. So that natural can enter in without limits.

Minimalist kitchen with skylight roof

One of them is the kitchen area that needs free light and open space. The minimalist tropical house concept can be an example to apply it at home. You can use skylight as a natural lighting transmitter and save electricity. Besides being safe, it will certainly be a pleasant home concept.

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