Modern American House Design With A Touch of Industrial Style -- The concept of a modern American style house has its own characteristics with a luxurious residential look. While industrial style tends to show more assertive and aesthetic design. 

Now, this house combines the two concepts to instigate a simple and elegant appearance If you area interested in applying the design of this house, it's good idea to check out the full review below!

Elegant kitchen design with blue kitchen set

The classic American style put more emphasis on the use of functional furniture. This kitchen is beautifully designed with a blue and white kitchen set with linier shape that makes the impression of the room feels more spacious. With the use of kitchen sets make your kitchen more neat and organized.

Cozy dining room design with wooden touch

This dining room is designed minimalist with dominance of elegant wood elements. If you want to have a home that is luxurious but still looks simple, the interior concept is very suitable for you at home.

Bathroom design with monochrome touches

The bathroom is not only used for bathing, but also you can function as a place of relaxation after tired activities. Therefore, many design the bathroom as comfortable and attractive a possible.
The bathroom with monochrome shades is designed with the dominance of white color and also black that reinforce the industrial style.

Elegant TV room with vintage feel

The American-style interior is also synonymous with the use of vintage-themed furniture. This TV room is equipped with many open shelves with wooden touches that make the atmosphere in this room feel warmer. Well you can use this shelf to store some of your favorite collections.

Elegant bedroom design soft colors

The design of bedroom with light blue shades looks very comfortable with simple decors. You can add side tables on the right and left sides of the bed to place light and also some decorations for a more attractive.

Now that's a review of modern American home design with touch of industrial style that can be one of your references. Hopefully this article is useful and can be one of your references.

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