Make You Life Easier with These Small Bedroom Layout Ideas --  Do you often feel confused about arranging your small bedroom? If so, maybe this article could be useful for you. This time, we present some layout ideas that might be suitable for your small bedroom. Although small, every thing is carefully observed so that the bedroom still feel comfortable and you have enough space to move around in your own bedroom space.

A Small Bedroom with L-shaped Wardrobe


This kind of bedroom layout is perfect for those of you who have a large collection of clothes. This room has an elongated L-shaped wardrobe that allows you to store more clothes. This wardrobe is placed pushing one side up against the adjacent wall, so that you can still have enough space. 

The wall design is also made more colorful by painting yellow and brown colors on some walls of the room. To make it look matching, the mattress pad also uses a yellow rug.

A Small Bedroom Layout with A Touch of Green


Green is believed to have a calming and refreshing effect. So it's not wrong if you give a touch of green in your room. You can apply green to the selection of wall paint and put some green plants in the corners of the room. 

Instead of placing all your plants in the floor, you can place them on some shelf or floating shelf. That way, your room still look fresh without compromising on neatness.


A Small Bedroom Layout with Bed in the Center of Room


Instead of pushing bed side up against an adjacent wall, you can place the bed in the center of the main wall. That way, you have room to walk on either side, and give your minimalist bedroom more flow.  

Other than that, giving your room a large window and a large mirror (on the wardrobe) is useful for making a small room feel more spacious and airy. 

A Small Bedroom with Sleek Furniture Design


Of course, having a small bedroom makes you have to not put a lot of furniture in it. For a small bedroom, it's better to choose furniture with a sleek design. The sleek design of the furniture will help save more space. In addition to the mattress, place the furniture right on the side of the wall. That way, your room for movement still feels loose.

A Small Bedroom with Precision Layout

If you like simple room layouts without much decoration, you can adapt the layout in the image above. The layout is quite simple with the combination of gray, white and brown colors. The bed is placed in the middle of the room, accompanied by two nightstand tables on the right side of the left. The floor area is quite full of large furniture, such as mattresses and tables. Liven up the walls by installing gray frescoes to make them look harmonious.

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