Integral Renovation RV House

Integral Renovation RV House -- As we know integral homes are house that usually have an area of 1.700 square meters and 18.00 square feet. It has three floors below on the road surface and there are only the top two floors visible from street. Exterior that tend to be made of glass and wood, the design is very environmentally friendly, including having a geothermal predator and coolant. The interior is not doubt. Has a lot of space in the work space that you can use to work home. If you want to know more, check out the reviews below!

RV house facade

RV house design this time looks simple minimalist from the outside. The open accent of the window room on the second floor adds a comfortable impression with a fresh atmosphere into the house. You can decorate the house with window plants that refresh the air. In addition, combine pastel colors to show your home is the most beautiful design made by yourself.

Decorate the RV with simple decorations

In the stairwell area this time there is only window. This time you can create a personal impression by installing curtain room to maintain the interior of the house. Be sure to take care of the window without ever-decorating them to create a comfortable space to enjoy.

Replace furniture

One to make many RV looks good is with the furniture. This time not only as decoration only, use functional furniture as a book storage space. Instead you can also adjust this area to relax, then complete with futons as a replacement for a sofa that is as simple as suitable for small areas.

Add details

No matter how simple your RV house is, adding details in one part of the room is enough to make the interior more charming. One of them is the area in this staircase, you can install a minimalist iron railing ladder and distance. In addition, you also make sure the flooring uses the right materials such as parquet, vinyl or ceramic floors.

Interior of the room

Painting the interior of an RV is no small thing. However you can change the entire look with popular colors from time to time. White is a popular color because it can give a small effect so wide. Before deciding to replace the interior paint of the house, think first you will only use in the wall, floor, furniture or even the whole. That way, the interior will be more comfortable and fun to enjoy.

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