Indoor Plants to Keep Your House Cool During Summers

Indoor Plants to Keep Your House Cool During Summers -- Did you know if fresh plants in the house can bring a good mood for the owner? According to experts, plants that go through the process of transpiration of photosynthetic can provide freshness in the surrounding environment. The very often we find a room has plants in the corner or on the table. Well to know the list of what plants that can help the freshness and coolness of the house. Let's check out the details of the review below!

Rubber plant (Ficus Elastica)


The abundance of leaves on plants greatly help the terrace environment fresher especially in the summer. One of them is this type of ficus plant. The larger the leaves, the more moisture levels are produced and released into the air. Plant of this type have a tendency to thrive in humid environments and take water through will and stored under their leaves or fronds.

Marble betel


This type of vines in addition to interesting for the decoration of the room also help freshness in the house. It growth is fast and suitable for putting in water or soil media. You can give natural light and place in the area near the window for photosynthesis process.



Freh green leaves from this palm plant is very refreshing because it take CO2 and releases oxygen. Its fingered and fresh-growing leaves can be the perfect decoration for a room in the house. Tropical impression you can feel by putting palm plants in the corner of the room in the house. 

Calathea luthea


This type of banana plants in addition to aesthetic for the interior of the room also gives a fresh impression. The leaves are like bananas in general with a height that doesn't rise. But thus this calathea is still a beautiful plant to make the environment at home fresher.

Snake plant


The following type of plants have a high water content. These long and tall leaves can store more water. This plant also helps the atmosphere of the room avoid pollution and maintain the freshness of the room.

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