Impressive TV Wall Units and Display Shelves -- Presenting the design of a TV room in a minimalist house is the most practical means of entertainment that you can do. Many people design the TV room to be as comfortable as possible, because there are many activities that you can do in this room, such as relaxing to hanging out with family.

Well, for the best experience, a functionally designed TV rack is certainly able to make your leisure activities more enjoyable. Before you design a TV room, let's check out impressive TV wall units and display shelves reviews that can be an inspiration for you!

Luxurious minimalist TV Rack

by : @hauzz_of_dyla

Carrying a minimalist concept, for those of you who like simple models but still charming, TV room deign can be an inspiration for you. The walls of the TV area are luxuriously designed with marble ornaments that make the look more elegant. Don't forget to add indoor plants for a cooler experience.

TV rack design in American style

by : @rumahechantique

The design of this TV rack is inspired by the concept of American style, where the backdrop TV is made of wood and the most prominent feature is the fireplace model at the bottom. While on both sides of the TV there area open shelves that are designed functionally, and you can save a variety of equipment.

TV rack design with elegant wooden touches

by : @rumahfefe

The next TV table design has a unique design with a touch of wood material. Backdrop TV design is applied wood material that makes the atmosphere of this room warmer. This TV room is equipped with a soft and comfortable letter L-shaped sofa. The atmosphere of hanging out with family will be nice, right?

Elegant TV rack with vintage touches

by : @vanny_house12

For those of you who like classic design, inspiring TV shelves with vintage feel like this can be one of the reference for you. TV places attached to the wall is proven to help you in saving space. To keep it from being too empty, you can add decorations around the walls for a more attractive look.

Gorgeous Tv room design with mirror decoration on the wall

by : @wian_home

The backdrop design in the TV room is beautifully designed with mirror ornaments on both sides. Well you can put the TV in the middle where the cabinet table at the bottom you can use to maximize storage. Some greenery will also embellish the look and make the atmosphere fresher.

That's the review about impressive TV wall units and display shelves that can be an inspiration for you. Of the above designs, which one is your favorite design?

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