Ideas to Decorate the Wall Hang Your TV at Home


Ideas to Decorate the Wall Hang Your TV at Home -- for the squeak of entertainment on Tv is not wrong to design a TV room beautifully. Use cabinet or space boxes as decoration and functional decorations. Wall area is perfect for hanging a TV that can be the center of the interior of the room. You should also equip this area with a cabinet as a storage of electronic devices, recorders, loudspeakers, movie media, consoles and games. With a design that will produce a modern, regrettable and beautiful doubling to add a fireplace next to it.

TV room complex


TV wall consist of basic units such as shelves for storage of media and electronic devices. Minimalist design with exposed brick accents that clearly look slightly rough texture. You can combine it with warm components in the form of a space sofa with an elegant shade of ash. Rack pairs model level for gorgeous decorations placement.

Elegant with dark walls


Wall coloring in this TV room using dark ash as an elegant impression. To make the TV stick, you can use the tool as an amplifier. The walls area made quite smooth without the accent of other embossed lines to apply a simple style.

Exposed brick accents


Wall mounted as a unit to hang the TV is very popular as the main choice. Clear accents on the wall with white color give a broad impression of the exposed brick. Lighting parallel in the TV section gives a charming beauty. Minimalist concept with Scandinavian style gives TV space increasingly functional.

TV background arises from wood


Natural impression can be felt in this TV room. Prepare the background to hang the TV from wood with wood element that look neat and smooth. Embosses shape of this wood looks luxurious with glossy finishing. Prepare lighting as lighting to make the atmosphere of watching more exciting.

Wood panel background


Visually, uniting the Tv area with the background of these wooden panels becomes one of the important focuses in the TV room. You can use the idea decorations with a functional cabinet as a storage room. Because the watch TV you can prepare a sofa with an elongated shape complete with pads to make it more comfortable.

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