Helpful Tips to Create The Perfect and Minimalist Split Level Home Design -- Nowadays, there are many choices of home design that you can get from various media. One of them is certainly from the site. We always strive to bring a realistic home design. One of them is the design of a modern minimalist house that is still becomes a favorite of many people. In terms of size, minimalist houses are fairly small for some people. But with the split-level house model, you can get a house with more space. You can also decorate it so attractive and beautiful with the right arrangement. 

So, here it is Helpful Tips to Create The Perfect and Minimalist Split Level Home Design.

Exterior Design

It doesn't take much money to decorate the facade of the house. You can start from the selection of front yard fence. Pick a minimalist hollow fence with black finishing, giving your house a bit of masculine look. Then, install a carport roof from a strong and durable canopy. These two exterior supports are guaranteed to make your home safer. 

Just A Pair of Stool and Greenery

Easy (and cheap) decor ideas to apply to the terrace only require a few tips. Place one pair of stools and a minimalist coffee table for the seating place on the terrace. Add some greenery to give the terrace color and fresh atmosphere. 

Simple Living Room Layout

For limited space, it is better to use a simple living room layout. Use a sofa with deep blue color to give contrast to the room. You can choose cushion in earthy tone color to make it more warm. For large furniture such as sofa and TV cabinet, place them against the wall, so you still have more space to move. 

Make use of the empty space under the stairs

Make the most of the space. The empty space under the stairs can be turned into a pretty corner. All you have to do is put the decoration of the clay jar with artificial plants, and Wall, the corner of your space looks more beautiful and attractive.

Inexpensive festive wallpapers

Confused about decorating your small bedroom? Try installing inexpensive wallpaper in your room. Choose a white and blue horizontal line motif to give the impression of a more vibrant room. Your room looks brighter than ever. 

Large window for brighter room

A small window can make a split-level home look dated and narrow. Replace small window, then add large window on the room. The large window will brighten up the entire space. Put a curtain on your glass window to minimize overheating or excessive sunlight. 

Simple Laundry Room Design

A plain and boring laundry room is a big no no. You can give a bit of decoration to your laundry room. For example, by putting plants on the laundry room. Another idea is by installing a grass rug to give fresh atmosphere.  

DIY balcony garden

Got any unused remain things? Make it as balcony decoration. For example, used drums can be turned into beautiful and elegant balcony chairs. Another DIY balcony garden decor is by making some wall decor and attach it on the balcony wall.


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