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Homiful.com -- Having a beautiful and beautiful home is a dream of many people. A unique and neatly arranged design is a must-do. The design of a house with favorite colors becomes one of the most desirable things. The same is true of choosing a beautiful house design with pastel colors. Pastel colors that are always identical to these sweet colors are so beautiful, can always create a more attractive impression. Pastel colors tend to use soft colors of pink, blue, green, yellow, white and others. Therefore, pastel colors are often an option to make the house more soothing.

Here Homiful.com will inspire pastel houses from @juniarahome that are very stunning. Let's take a look at the reviews!

Living Room

This minimalist living room design looks longer. Using a size of 3x4 M withe the concept of open space. This concept makes the living room look more spacious. The decor of the living room is dominated by beautiful pastel colors. Starting from the living room sofa, living room wall Tosca green color, colorful wall decorations such as candy, window curtains, even to the living room chandeliers are also adorable. Pastel colors in this living room are designed with more than one color. So the living room looks so colorful. You can also add greenery to the corners of the room. This is done to make the living room look more refreshing.


The design of the bedroom in this pastel house looks so fresh. The dominance of pastel colors used is light, soft green and dark green. Light green is used on beds, while dark green is used on bedroom carpets. This is done so that the bedroom has an atmosphere like in the wild with green grass floors. In addition, this bedroom is also filled with several ornamental plants. This ornamental plant makes the bedroom become airless and cooler.

Workspace and Study

The design of this workspace can be used as a learning space at the same time. This workspace uses a gray color that is so cool. The combination of colors used looks simpler, because it only uses 2 colors, gray and white. This workspace is 1x3 M in size with an elongated shape and looks more spacious. The arrangement of the book is placed on one side of the wall of the room with a model of wall cabinets. In addition, the arrangement of the work desk is placed at the end of the room. The work desk is integrated with a desk rack that can be used as a storage space. There is no need for too much room decoration, just a few wall decorations to make the room look more beautiful.

Back Room

The back room design of this pastel house has an open space concept. The concept of open space always connects between spaces so that it looks like a whole. The back room of this pastel house looks so stretched. The room consists of a dining room, kitchen, garden to the bathroom. The concept remains colorful using pastel colors. Here, the pastel colors used are grouped into different colors in each space based on their function. Like the pink kitchen, the dining room is blue, the garden is green, and other parts are dominated by white. Each room also uses beautiful, colorful chandeliers. Very interesting, isn't it?

Dining Room

The pastel dining room design uses pink on one of the walls overlooking the dining room. This dining room uses a Tosca colored sofa with a very comfortable shape. This dining room has an open concept that directly overlooks the back garden of the house. With an open concept, this dining room has a refreshing atmosphere. The open concept also provides natural lighting to the room. This open concept dining room is now a popular trend for modern home design.


This pastel kitchen design has a pink color that is so pretty. Kitchen set with pink color is so soft is equipped with kitchen island that has a uniform color. This beautiful minimalist kitchen is so colorful with the use of cutlery and cooking utensils with colorful pastel colors. In addition, the kitchen is equipped with a silver ice cooler. The presence of silver color in the kitchen, makes this kitchen look cooler. This kitchen concept looks more relaxed and more spacious. To make it more colorful, you can also add greenery neatly arranged pots on a special kitchen shelf decoration.

Pastel house inspiration above, you can make the best reference for beautiful home design. With the decoration and the right arrangement can make the look of your home more attractive. Hopefully you who are planning to make a home can be realized smoothly soon. Hopefully this article is useful and inspires you. 

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Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home.
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