6 Flowers That Look Like Sunflowers

6 Flowers That Look Like Sunflowers

Homiful.com -- Almost 70 different species, unlimited options to choose sunflowers you let. Sunflowers can bring their own charm with a stunning impression and some of its functions. In addition, sunflowers are also often extracted to take oil because it is an edible plant. Its care is quite easy, the average sunflower can grow between 3 to 18 feet with different varieties. There are many choice of flowers that are like sunflowers that people rarely know. Usually still in one daisy family with beautiful colors. Well here are some flowers that are like the sun flower will be discussed below:

Bush Daisy


It is one of the perennial flowers that resembles a small flower, Or commonly called golden daisy and African daisy. The flowers are pretty yellow like sunflowers with a black center that can attract bees and birds, Can be glued all year round, and this daisy you can put in the context of the house or as an accent fence.



Well plants that are like sunflowers here have tickseed names. With growth that can live between 2 to 4 feet and is a type of plant that can be an option for garden paths at home. Wide petals with red, yellow and other color variants. This flower plant can grow well with standard inertia level. Be sure to water it individually so that it blooms throughout the day.

False Sunflowers


Is a group of perennial plants belonging to the Aesteraceae family similar to the black-eyed susan. Like a sun flower with a bright yellow color with long leaves. Very easy to treat and the growth is quite fast, this flower is very suitable for plants in hard soils ranging from 4 to nine feet. Because you love sunlight, this plant can be taken care of strictly. By picking flowers after blooming to protect the seeding process, so that these flower plants can bloom more.

Gerbera Daisy


If you intend to make the yard at home more beautiful with a garden. This gerbera daisy might be a good choice. Lush dark green leaves with flowers that are 12 inches wide. Although unlike other sunflowers, they can produce three inches in a variety of flowers of different colors. Such as red, magenta, purple, orange, yellow even salmon. And it could be that this happens petals there are 2 colors. Just like other sunflowers, this plant need to be flushed regularly and not excessively.

Black-Eyed Susan


One of the top competitors in the type of sunflower-like flowers you can meet is black eyed susan. This plant has many amazing yellow and orange colors with a dark brown center. Grow wild in the wilderness to the pastures of the house. The hassle-free treatment you can make this black-eyed susan a very beautiful plant choice for some homeowners.



Another members of the asteraceae exist is coneflower which is easy to care for and grow. You can have this plant with a variety of different colors with similar type like sunflowers in general. This plant has quite a lot of nectar so it is very easy to attract butterflies and bees to come. Need the least water among other, this plant can grow much easier in dry areas.

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