Edible Balcony Garden that Prove Growing Your Food is Posibble

Homiful.com -- If you live an urban area, it can be difficult to find a large enough space for an edible garden in your home. So, the best option for growing vegetables and fruits at home is in your balcony area. The edible garden does not need much space, and growing vegetables and fruits on balcony can be therapeutic. There will be another level of satisfaction that you will get when you have the luxury of going to the balcony and picking juicy fresh tomatoes or green vegetables that you can cook yourself.

So, follow these steps to grow an edible garden on your home balcony!

Choose a type of plants that is easy to grow on a balcony


Almost any vegetable plant also thrive in your balcony garden. If you are beginner and do not really understand about balcony garden rules, then choose vegetables that are easy to grow such as peppers, tomatoes, beans, and more.  Other than vegetables, you can grow grapes on the balcony garden. Set the balcony garden as a mini library, you can also read while enjoying the fresh grapes.

Choosing the right planting media

Choosing the right container for your edible plants is important. You choose clay pots, plastic pots, or even simple container like buckets or used cans to grow your plants in the edible balcony gardens. Just make sure the plant container can hold the plant until it is completely grown or ripe, and ready to eat.

Set the layout for edible balcony garden


Tiny balcony space? No problem. Vertical gardens are space saving concept that can be used to maximize your balcony garden space. You can use planting media and affixed to the wall, attach pots to the trellis of your balcony fences.

Pay attention to the condition of the soil


The kind of soil where your plants grow makes all the difference. Many nurseries have a mixture of ready-made potted media that includes soil, compost and other nutrition. Work regularly the soil condition to ensure that the soil absorb water and seep properly.

Build a Water Drainage System


Plants stored in container or planted on concrete surfaces require a system or waterways to control the amount of water in the soil, so that the soil does not stores excess water. The water drainage system serves to continue the process of water infiltration in the soil and then channel it to the landfill. So, make sure your edible balcony garden has a good and proper water drainage system.

Don't let pests and weeds grow in your edible balcony garden


Do not let your edible balcony garden overgrown with weeds and filled with pests. You need to set your edible plants to stay fresh and edible. For example, putting a fabric hood on a ripe vegetable or fruit, so that your edible plants won't be eaten by insect. 

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