Best Tiny House that You Dreaming of

Best Tiny House that You Dreaming of -- Land limitations make many home developers change the shape of the house that was originally wide and elongated this time can be with a height up and smaller. Switching with a small size, the design of the attic house is currently much in favor of more simple reasons, the layout of the room is just right. Especially if you have only one person. 

Usually with a small land, the house will evolve into a tall shape and the interior has two floors or attic. Well this is the inspiration of small house design can inspire you when going to build a house for yourself.

End to end

Application of the interior of the room with wood material thoroughly that gives the impression of warm and comfortable. Could be the design of this 2nd plotted house looks homey with a fitting arrangement. From end to end a functional space can provide a real small house concept.

Special area for cooking activities

To complete this tiny house of course there is a need for a kitchen and a dishwasher as a support for activities at home. You can choose the area near the stairs and the medium size. Start to complete the shelves and also cooking furniture so that you can experiment creating new recipes that are not expected.

Merge one are into two functions

Even though the size of the house is small and narrow. Change the layout with a fitting design such as this dining room and kitchen cabinet. Simply complete with dining chairs and beautify with ornamental plants for a fresh and soothing atmosphere.

Go to the nest room

The interior appearance of a small house complete with a living room that has a nice arrangement with beautiful sofas. Minimalist white color dominates this house with the right combination of wood material and ornamental plants in the corner of the room. Comfortable and beautiful.

Go up the roof space

Since this small house has only small and limited size, utilizing the area around the ceiling of the room can make this house with the best design ever. Keep using natural decoration elements as well as wooden structure for stairs and replacement plates with wood. Creative and reassuring to live in. Just put some natural lighting and hole the roof to include glass material as natural lighting during the day.

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Author     : Lynda
Editor      : Munawaroh
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