An Easy Way to Mix Purple Into the Interior Of the Room is Getting Charming

An Easy Way to Mix Purple Into the Interior Of the Room is Getting Charming -- To mix purple color into the interior of the room should not always be through for the use of sofas or wall paint. But you can combine with other colors such as white, red, gold and also other similar colors. But to get a more pleasant interior space, purple color you can just place on some furniture in a room. Well here are some ways hat you can use to mix purple color into the interior of the room without fear of not being beautiful and attractive.

Place purple on the carpet

Well this first area is in the living room with an all-purple interior that is not thorough. You can choose purple color for carpet with sofa that is a little dark. In addition, you can add other furniture with purple stool as well, Well mix also with white color to get a space design that looks natural and minimalist.

Stairwell room

Well the next area that you can combine with purple color is on the stairs. In addition to getting the perfect design, you can choose the entire space with white color only for the wall part. With just one point area on the purple curtain window that completes this area is getting sweeter.

Area under the stairs

For one of the rooms that is quite functional this time make use of the lower area of the stairs to relax. You can start by by selecting the purple carpet that is the focus of this area. Use carpet motifs with floral patterns to add the increasingly exotic look.

Minimalist kitchen adorable purple interior

The nest area is the kitchen that becomes a place to do more activities in the house than the living room. Purple kitchen cabinet gives the concept of a beautiful and more beautiful space. Join the dining area while providing space efficiency sparingly.

Laundry room

Although not dominant with purple color,  this laundry room area has an interior change with white color to get a wide impression because of its small size. Although it feels cramped, the placement of the washing machine, cabinet for detergent storage and also drying racks are quite efficient and look to save space well.

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