Amazing DIY Gardening Idea, Gardening Ideas For Home -- Although it has a small land area, providing green space in the house can provide a refreshing view and make the residential atmosphere feel more lively. The presence of a garden in the residence is able to create a refreshing view and the air at home feels cooler.
Having a garden or simply putting plants in a pot becomes a healthy lifestyle trend. will inspire "amazing DIY gardening ideas, gardening ideas for home" that you can apply easily at home.

Beautiful minimalist garden cactus

by : @emek_ilas

Have your ever thought of making a beautiful cactus garden? One interesting way to create a cactus garden is to choose different types of cacti. Place them in a row on this open shelf. To  look more in tune choose a pot of the same size.

Cool vertical garden design

by : @lisa_yunita22

Besides being able to make your terrace become cooler and circulation in the house goes well. Vertical garden is also an interesting photo spot, the way is quite easy you can put greenery on the wall like this. Well you can choose the type of hanging plants to look more aesthetic.

Mini garden on the balcony

by : @plookplook_

No matter how small the land space you have, you can still present the smallest garden. Well one of them by designing a mini garden on the balcony. To make it look organized you can take advantage of open shelves like this. Combine it with some coral rocks for a more blended impression with nature

Beautiful terrace with minimalist garden

by : @ruliyantiani

Want to make your minimalist terrace look much fresher? The way is quite easy, by putting sme types of ornamental plants like this will certainly make the look of your terrace more attractive. Some popular ornamental plants such as Aglaonema are suitable as decorations.

Cool garden with minimalist fishpond

by : @rumahazkaa

Decorations of ornamental plants and also fishpond is the right blend for a more beautiful residential atmosphere. In addition to making the look more beautiful, the presence of water elements and also ornamental plants certainly make the atmosphere of the house seem much lively. This place can be used as a relaxing healing area.

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