8 Best Types of Pothos for Your Home

Homiful.com -- Pothos (Epipremnum aureum) is one of the most popular houseplants. It is a type of tropical vine with long dangling stems and heart-shaped leaves. This type of plant is famous for its beautiful leaf pattern and has many color variants. Starting from green, yellow and a bit of silvers. Its bright color makes simple home look more beautiful and fresh.

As an ornamental plant, this plant is very easy to plant indoor with low-maintenance. It looks stunning in hanging baskets or in pots. 

So, here are 8 best types of pothos that you can plant at home.

1. Golden photos


If you are a houseplant beginner, you can start with golden photos. This type of plant is the easiest to grow and very easy to maintain among other pothos plants. This plant can grow very well in low light conditions. So, it is suitable to be placed in the bedroom.

Golden pothos is one of the most popular types of hanging potted plants. It has young lime-colored leaves with yellow variegate. The yellow pattern is like a smooth brush stroke. Along with its shiny leaves, this plant helps brighten the shady corners of the house

Golden pothos is also included in the list of air purifier plants as recommended by NASA.


2. Jade Pothos


This plant is also commonly called as devil's ivy. Jade pothos show of lush, green, heart-shaped leaves that can grow up to 90 cm indoor. The lush foliage can be trimmed to make it as an attractive table plant. 

Jade pothos grow well in bright light, as well as being a suitable plant for underexposed or shaded areas. Since it doesn't require much sunlight and high humidity, jade pothos is an excellent plant for your bathroom. 


 3. Neon Pothos


The bold and bright leaves, surely will make you fall in love with this 'neon pothos'. This type of pothos plant is often found in many modern dwellings. It has the characteristics of small leaves in neon green, has no pattern. When stored under the sun, the leaves can turn yellowish.


4. Satin Pothos


These beautiful vining plants is also a good choice for beginner. Satin pothos are vines with dark green matte foliage and feel a bit of velvety touch. The leaves have silvery spots, which is why they are also named silver satin pothos. Keep your satin pothos healthy by growing in rich, well drained soil and fertilizing monthly and watering it when the soil becomes dry.

5. Glacier Pothos


Glacier pothos are included in this type of slow-growing pothos. The leaves are small, even smaller than other pothos plants. The leaves are green with silver and gray spots, similar to pearl and jade cultivars. Due to its dense growth habits, glacier pothos is an excellent plant for tables.


6. Marble Queen Photos


Marble queen is the most popular cultivar, and very slow-growing. But it is harder to care for than golden photos, so it is less popular. However, Marble queen has very diverse leaves that are more creamy than green. This bright climbing plant has stunning marble foliage. That's why, the room placed marble queen pothos will instantly look attractive and beautiful.

7. Cebu Blue Pothos


A distinctive feature of cebu blue pothos is its elongated heart-shaped leaves. Instead of being round, the leaves are long and slender 'lanceolate'. Unlike other varieties of pothos, cebu pothos has shimmering silvery blue foliage with an attractive vein pattern.

8. Jade and Pearl photos


Pearls and Jade are a type of small leafy pothos. This variety has green and white colors, where the leaves are emerald green with white, beige, and sometimes gray shades. Due to its slow growth, this plant is a great plant for home or office desks.

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