8 Best Types of Peace Lily

8 Best Types of Peace Lily

Homiful.com -- As an ornamental plant that is very popular for home decor, peace lily is one of the plants that are quite popular. The shape of the leaves are thick green with beautiful flowers perennial white color makes this plant one of the plants that are happy. You can choose a variety of ornamental plants for different types of houses you can choose for the type of peace lily plants below.

Piccolino Peace Lily


Peace lily plant type this one is a type of Spathiphyylum with dwarf shape. Dark green leaves with their distinctive beautiful white flowers. These flowers can bloom all day long and are used to care for them lovingly.

Sensation Peace Lily


For this type of peace lily has a sensation peace lily or commonly called Spathiphyllum sensation with the same leaf shape as other solid green color. The height of plants that can reach 4-6 feet allows for higher and charming looks.

White Stripe Peace Lily


With a different look, this peace lily plant has a white stripe in the middle that looks like it is flowing. Although the shape of the leaves is small like no other, this peace lily has the shape of cure and adorable leaves and stems.



This leaf that combines with white and green colors displays a beautiful and attractive shape of plants. Its dense leaves give the look of peace lily so peaceful and calm.



White patches on the leaves that spread this makes this lilies more beautiful and charming. Perhaps the shape of this diamond lily leaf is almost the same as some other. But there is a difference that the leaves are not tapered end and tend to be fatter.

Domino Peace Lily


These randomly patterned leaves look smooth white which can create a beautiful contrast with white spathes. The pointed leaves the end appear to protect themselves from animals so that they can grow continuously without any holes.

Mauna Loa Supreme Peace Lily


Looks much different from the kind of peace lily that was before. Large leaves with a size can reach a width of 9-12 inches this looks shiny green. Height that can grow about 3-4 feet is still classified as very moderate.

Jetty Peace Lily


This variety of peace lily plants has a lush growth with its high stems and shiny leaves. Green leaves that have beautiful white bracts can withstand in a long period of time and full very rapid growth.

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