7 Water Flowers that Grow in Containers and Vases

Homiful.com -- Make your space more beautiful with these 7 water flowers that can grow in containers and vases. Even without soil, you can have a fresh and beautiful flower, both indoor or outdoor. In addition to being easier to maintain, these water flowers live in this medium of water can be put in a container or glass vase that make the space look more chic and stylish.

Yellow Amaryllis


The cheerful yellow color of the petals will make you happy. Amaryllis is a water flower that can be grown in the container or vase without soil. The yellow amaryllis is easy to care for and make your container garden look more beautiful.



Do you know that Anthurium can grow well in water too? Anthurium plant is one of the plant that suitable for hydroponic growing. This heart-leafed plant can live well even if the roots are completely submerged in the water.


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Lotus is well known as one of the popular water flowers. Growing lotus in a container medium is possible. It gives your outdoor space an Eastern vibe, if you plant it on a container with tendril pattern. Lotus is widely planted because it produces beautiful flowers with a clean white or pink color. 


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You can grow tulips in a vase of water. Make sure you choose healthy, large and sturdy tulip bulbs so that the tulips can live in the water well. When blooming, the flowers will make your room look beautiful and colorful.



Hyacinths are very fragrant and wonderful plants for containers and vases. This plant is commonly used to decorate the garden, bedroom, balcony garden and others. It's very easy to plant this flower in water. You just need to soak the hyacinth root in a clear vase filled with water. Make sure the hyacinth bulb are not submerged in water. 

Peace Lily

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Peace lily is one of the most popular indoor plant. Growing peace lily can also be done in water, without soil. If you want to have peace lily as a water flower, find a glass case or similar container with sufficient size to hold the entire plant. Try to have a glass or vase with a thin neck in order to help keep the plant upright.

Water Lilies (Nymphea)


Water lily is famous as one of the aquatic plants. It can grow from 3 to 6 inches tall. The flower colors are blue, purple, yellow, red, white and pink. The flowers are the best to be placed in a pond or container. Make sure the water lily gets enough sunlight.

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