7 Vertical DIY Rain Gutter Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Homiful.com -- Another idea to grow plant vertically is by having a rain gutter garden. It's perfect for small spaces, especially if you live in a very urban area. You can grow as many plants as your vertical space. Just hang your rain gutter and used it as planters.

So, if you're kind an interested in rain gutter garden, keep reading for 7 Vertical DIY Rain Gutter Garden Ideas for Small Spaces.

1. DIY Rain Gutter on the Fence


A wooden fence will be more attractive with these rain gutter garden. You can grow some succulent plants in there. Used old gutter pipes or simply buy-brand new gutters to make this beautiful succulent gutter garden.

2. Hanging Flower Gutter Garden


Make use of the vertical space in the backyard area as a hanging rain gutter garden. You can hang a gutter behind your back garage. The flower like surfinias have been flowering nicely, even you plant in gutter planter.

3. DIY Simple Flower Rain Gutter


Dress up the garden wall/fence with this beautiful flower rain gutter garden. This rain gutter garden is very easy to take care and low maintenance. Make sure the soil elements is suitable for the type of plant that you'll grow in the gutter. 

4. Colorful Rain Gutter Garden


Add some color to your small garden. You can pick colorful gutter as planter in your yard. Or another idea that is worth trying is to paint the rain gutter media in a variety of colors that you like. Be sure the new-color gutter is clean, before you make them as planter. 

5. Balcony Rain Gutter Garden


The balcony can be used as a fresh vertical garden. Just prepare rain gutter as a planting medium in the balcony garden. Then, grow some vegetables, fruits or even flower on there. In the balcony, growing your food is possible with these rain gutter garden idea.

6. 'Slimmo 40' hole Rain Gutter Garden


Unlike others, this DIY rain gutter is made intact closed but already equipped with proper waterways. This planter has 40 holes that allow you to plant 40 plant seeds by hydroponics. The sleek design fits perfectly anywhere.

7. Edible Rain Gutter Garden


This vertical garden has 5 stacks of rain gutter as growing medium. The design is quite simple, but it looks sleek, beautiful and fresh. On there, you can grow some shallow rooted fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, different types of lettuce, mint, strawberry in the different rows.

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