7 Secret Tips to Grow Lush Pothos Plants

7 Secret Tips to Grow Lush Pothos Plants

Homiful.com -- Pothos is one of the most popular types of ornamental plants and seems to be no longer necessary to introduce. Easy maintenance and very rapid growth. But thus you need to know how to make this plants thrive with shiny green leaves. Let's check out the tips and secrets that you can achieve.

Clean the leaves regularly


To maintain the shiny and fresh Pothos leaves, you can clean them regularly twice a week. In addition to looking  clean and beautiful, this periodic cleaning can help the photosynthesis process quickly as it absorb more light with good growth.

Trim the yellowed leaves


To make this Photos plant much healthier, do regular leaf pruning, Starting from that have yellowed or hollow to help plant growth much fresher and healthier. Try to cut these vines right above or close to the leaves. If necessary, trim it to almost the end for its rapid and new growth.



In order to be more fertile, there needs to be fertilizer in plants periodically. But these Photos include the type of plants that do not like fertilizer excessively. For once in a while yes he likes. Dilute solid fertilizer in general and give about 6-10 weeks.

Note the lighting, if the photos are in the room


If you put plants photos in the room. Place it in a soft light and not directly. You can rotate this plant inside or outside the room randomly in each week. If you are planting outdoors, be sure to get the morning sun and avoid the sun in the afternoon in any way.

Be careful when watering


At the time of treatment, a large number of these photos plants do not like water too much. Avoid to get overwatering is one of the reasons that make ornamental plants die. Because it is excessively exposed to water, then you can arrange watering and check the inertia of the soil. If dry it's tome to water the photos.

Use espom salt


If you have photos and leaves there look dull and yellow. It could be a chlorophyll deficiency. You can make the leaves green and fresher by using espom salt containing sulfur. In addition it can also help the production of chlorophyll. How to mix a tablespoon of water salt and spray it right on the leaves. 

Keep warm


Because photos don't like cold wind and cold weather, then that's what you have to do to make photos so warm. Photo placement needs to be noticed, you can put in warm sunny weather, And secure from sudden temperatures. ideal temperatures suitable for photos is above 50 F (10 C).

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