7 Romantic Living Room Decor Ideas with Plant Theme

Homiful.com -- Explore your living room with plants. Plants will add a life to your living space. Somehow, the plants also give a fresh and tranquility effect to the room. So, it's a great idea to decor your living room with plant theme. The living room will feel fresh and natural, visually beautiful and attractive. 

More detail? Keep reading for 7 Romantic Living Room Decor Ideas with Plant Theme.

Place the plants in some empty corners


Don't ever make the corner of your living room look so empty. You can place some houseplant on it. A beautiful Alocasia plant looks so pretty placed on a high iron shelf in the corner of the living room. On the coffee table, you can put some short plants to make the living space feel so green.

The Plants as Main Decorations


Make greenery as the main decoration in the living room. You can display your plants' collection in the living room. Place it in some corners so that the atmosphere becomes shady. One pair of wooden chairs will complete the look of the living room with this plant theme. This  pair of chairs is also ready to make your weekend more romantic by having a relaxing conversation with your partner.

Romantic and Earthy Vibe Living Room


No one can resist the beauty and comfort of this living room. The choice of green sofa with a combination of floor and wooden table gives a fresh and soothing atmosphere earthy vibe. Plants such as monstera, golden photos, jade photos and an orchid flower will also add fresh and fun visualizations.

Fresh and Cozy Living Room with Monstera


Monstera is one of the ornamental plants that is now becoming popular among the public. It's due to monstera leaves look so beautiful with the wide, unique-shaped and green leaves. That's why, monstera is quite suitable as a living room decoration. The living room with monstera looks more refreshing to look at.

A Living Room with Snake Plant


Who doesn't know this kind of plant? NASA truly recommend snake plant as one of the best plants for air purifying. This plant is quite useful to filter out toxins and airborne bacteria. The price is also quite affordable. In the living room, usually the snake plant is planted in a pot and placed next to the sofa.

Green Your Wall


If you run out of space to put your plant decorations, take a look at the plain walls in the living room. You still have enough space, right? Make the use of the walls by installing hexagonal floating shelf on the wall. Make this hexagonal shelf as a place to display your greenery. Walla, you have a vertical garden in the living room.

Romantic and all-green living room


Make others amazed by your sincerity to decorate the living room with a plant theme. Pick a sofa in green for maximum green look. Decorate your wall with artificial vines that brighten up the room. Place your plants' collection of some wooden shelf. Highlight one or more plants with a higher arrangement.

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