7 Plants You Should Grow If You Love Roses

Homiful.com -- If you intend to have a rose garden, make sure you know there are some excellent plants as a friend to roses. Roses need a companion friend or plant around them for a variety of reasons, including pest and disease control, a more interesting and aesthetic season. Here are some plants you should grow if you love roses.

Allium Plant


Planting roses is an open invitation to pest and disease of roses. Roses are healthier when equipped with companion plants that help repel damading insect, while encouraging beneficial insect. For example, Allium plants. Alliium will repel aphids, beetles, and rodents that are around roses.

Common Wormwood


There is nothing much pealsing to the eye when you see roses gathered with greenery. This can be realized by pairing it with the Common Wormwood plant, which is one of the best foliage plants. Because it features delicate foliage that creates its own appeal in an impressive way.



Roses do not like to competition, and it's advisable to surround them with plants that aren't as aggresive or invasive as they might beat your roses. You can plant lavender rosemary as a herbal companion that produce highly scented leaves that deter pests.



As well as rosemary, plant the lavender around the roses could deter pests. In addition, planting your bush roses with a succession of flower, such as lavender will reinforce the beuaty of their romantic bloom extending the flowering season on your flower garden.

Salvia Nemorosa Caradonna


Silvia plants can be used as the best choice for flowers that are suitable to be planted side by side with roses. Because, this plant grows flowers that bloom with a dark purple color and combine it with fresh green color. In addition, its beauty and aroma tend to attract butterflies and insects that can be the best decoration for your home garden.



With its blossoming and upright characteristics, Phlox flowers are always the best choice to stand together with roses in one festive bucket. The beauty of attractive colors will give a very impressive appearance. Moreover, Phlox flowers actually produce an attractive perfume-like aroma, making it suitable to be planted side by side with roses.


Bronze Fennel


Roses will look much better to enjoy when paired with herbs such as Bronze Fennel. Because, this plant grows small flower of beautiful bright yellow color. Surely, this would be the best combination with a rose that need a companion plant who can also stand out unde the sun.

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