7 Plants You Can Grow Instead of a Fence for Privacy & Lush Green Look

Homiful.com -- Upgrade your fence into living barrier for your garden with the help of some plants. You can get privacy as well as lush green look in the yard. These plants can be an interesting option for those of you who have a small house. In addition to being living barrier or a fence, these plants also double as exterior decor. So, here it is 7 Plants You Can Grow Instead of a Fence for Privacy & Lush Green Look.

1. Morning Glory


Morning glory is one of the vines that are very beautiful. Because of its attractive appearance and also well spread, you can use this plant as a living fence in your yard. Before you plant morning glory in the yard, make a simple wooden or bamboo fence as a medium of vine. Gradually, this plant will spread to the media that has been provided and form a beautiful fence. This plant is very fragrant, especially when it blooms in the morning.

2. Boxwood


Boxwood is one of the fence plants that is very popular because it has several positive points. It can thrive and dense with a height of up to six meters. The appearance is also very easy to shape. You can shape it to resemble a circle or square as per your needs. This flowerless plant will make the house look green and beautiful all year round!

3. Horsetail Plant


Equistum hymale commonly known as rough horsetail. Horsetail plant only has a maximum height of 3 meters and the stem is small in diameter with brown circles adding to the beauty of the plant if viewed. The treatment is quite easy, you only need to water it once a day.

4. Graptophyllum pictum


The characteristic feature of this plant is in the color of its leaves that are purplish red. The leaves can thrive and brighten the exterior of your house. You can plant it along the sides of the yard. 

5. Golden False Aralia


Golden false aralia  is classified as a low shrub because the height of this plant can normally reach 55 cm. This plant has yellowish leaves that will brighten your home.  This plant is used as a home decoration, and it can grow up to 55 centimeters.

How to take care of this plant is also quite easy. Because this plant needs the right water, not dry and wet. So, just make sure you give enough water so that the soil moisture is maintained. To be more fertile, give fertilizer for once a month.

6. Red Lip


Red lip (Syzygium myrtifolium), these shrubs are currently very popular, because of their unique and beautiful leaves. The presence of a red pseudo-color between the green leaves will refresh the look of your home. This plant can grow with a diameter of up to 30 cm and a height of up to 7 meters, the fence of the red lip plant is ready to make the yard in your house become lush.

7. Mexican Creeper


Mexican creeper (Antigon leptopus Hook & Arn) has a beautiful color, which is pink and containing a lot of nectar. That's why, the flowers are favored by pollinator insects such as butterflies, bees, ants, and beetles. This plant can grow vines and provide privacy and lush green look in your yard.

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