7 Large Foliage Indoor Plants that Look Like a Banana Tree

Homiful.com -- The banana trees is very relate with a fresh tropical vibe. The banana leaves are so green and large, it is perfect to create your tropical paradise in home. However, growing a real banana tree indoor can be quite tough task. You need suitable climate and right soil conditions. That's why, now widely available indoor plant that look like a banana tree. 

Pick a large foliage indoor plants as replace for banana tree is the best choice to present a tropical feel indoor.  But, you have to remember most large foliage that look like a banana tree will not bear fruit and the size is relatively smaller compared to the real one. 

So, here it is 7 Large Foliage Indoor Plants that Look Like a Banana Tree

 1. Heliconia


Want to beautify your indoor garden? Heliconia can help you make it come true. Its attractive shape and color can make the person who sees will love it. This plant has the shape of leaves like large and elongated banana leaves. The most striking thing about this plant is the presence of red flowers in a combination of yellow.

Heliconia plants are not 'fussy' plants, in other words easy to plant and maintain. Give heloconia  bright light and water it regularly, but not to overwater. It's the best if you place it near the window.

2. Giant Bird of Paradise


Giant of paradise or Strelitzia nicolai will give you a solid statement indoor. This plant can grow from 4-7 feet long. This foliage plants have a look like the real banana leaf. It will grow lush and healthy, even in indoor condition. Just be careful, you need a large pot to hold its large roots. This plant will bring you so much joy and enliven your corner of the room.

3. Cigar plant

Cigar plant also call as Calathea lutea. This type is most popular among the public and is often used as the exterior and interior home decor. The shape is beautiful, the leaves are thick green, and quite slim are some attractions of this one plant. Inevitably, this plant is often found in the gardens of houses with various sizes. Grow it in bright, indirect light for the best lush and healthy Calathea lutea.

4. Philodendron Auricalatum


No one can resist the beauty of this plant. The leaves spread beautifully and makes a strong impression by it. This plant also has a fairly long stalk that give you a strong impression. You can place it in the corner of the room to fill the empty corner.

5. Blood Banana


The shape of this foliage indoor plant, it's unique. This is because there are red patches on the leaves. No wonder if the plant above is named blood banana. For those of you who are hunting different houseplants, blood banana can the best choice be brought home. You can use a medium pot to grow it, and it's perfect for exterior accents of your home or a complement to plants in your indoor garden.

6. Diffenbachia 'Big Ben'


Give your home a touch of green with this broad-leaved foliage plant, the diffenbachia big ben. This plant has wide leaves and hard texture. The large leaves that look like like banana leaves are really impressive and look magnificent. 

7. Dieffenbachia Sterling


The eye-catching foliage of this plant will give you a fresh and stunning effect into your living space. The leaves grow up to 14-20 inches or more in length. Dieffenbachia prefer soil that consistently and lightly moist, but not soggy.

Not all climates are suitable for planting banana trees. Therefore, choosing large foliage indoor plants that look like banana tree is the best choice. Tropical nuances will still be present from choosing plants that look like banana leaves. So, which one is your favorite? 

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