7 Interesting Garden Project With Rocks


Homiful.com -- Don't let the narrow land limit creativity in presenting a beautiful minimalist garden. If you are boring with usual garden view. Start trying to apply decorations with elegant type of garden with rocks.

Rocks is one of the most popular elements for minimalist garden decoration. In addition to embellishing also makes the impression of a garden that looks more natural. For your reference when designing an attractive garden, let's check out the following review "7 interesting garden project with rocks" below.

Beautiful minimalist garden with rocks decoration

by : @amy_fitria

When you start designing a garden, you can present hardscape elements by applying pebbles to become decorations. This white-nuanced rock plays a big role to add the aesthetic level of the garden looks more natural.

Minimalist garden on the corner of the terrace with coral rocks

by : @bundaami1

The presence of coral rocks not only serves as a layer of garden floor, but also gives a brighter garden look. You can apply coral rocks with colorful patterns. So that way the look of your garden will look more fun

Dry garden looks more natural with coral rocks

by : @ind285

The use of coral rocks is identical to the concept of dry garden, The inspiration of this indoor garden present coral rocks to get a more natural impression of garden. Combine in with synthetic green grass for a cooler atmosphere.

Pebbles as a gorgeous decorations for fishponds

by : @indanarfab

Presenting water elements in the residence is proven to make the atmosphere of the house feel more calming. Well, you can add pebble decoration, to add the impression of a wider looking area. The distinctive texture of gravel rocks forms a more blended impression with nature.

Beautiful garden in front of the house with coral rocks

by : @rani_revan.new

The simples way to organize a garden is to use a green expanse of grass with coral rock decoration on the edge. So it will get the look of beautiful minimalist dry garden. To make it cooler, add some ornamental plants along this area of coral rocks. 

Minimalist garden with coral stone barrier

by : @teguh_supratono

You can also use coral stones as beautiful garden barrier. The use of coral can add a clean and neat impression to the garden. Edging is one the techniques commonly used to limit the garden area by applying various types of rocks.

Attractive balcony garden with coral rocks

by : @nurrin_nurrinawati

By adding decorations in the form of coral rocks, can make the look of your minimalist garden become more attractive. The beautiful view can also add its own attraction to this garden. Coral rocks with a touch of white color applied to display a beautiful minimalist impression.

That's 7 interesting garden project with rocks that you can use as inspiration. From some of the designs above, which is your favorite garden design?

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