7 Inspiring Girl's Bedroom Decor Ideas


7 Inspiring Girl's Bedroom Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- Girls bedroom need their own space to maintain their privacy. And it need to be interpreted by waking or creating a bedroom. Meanwhile the decoration for the bedroom also need to beautifully designed following its age, Ranging from 10 years old to 15 years old young women, some of these bedroom designs you can try to see in the summary below!

Give a decorative touch to the furniture


The first way you can do when designing a child's bedroom is to pay attention to the needs of the goods. Using the concepts of the mattress without a bed, a small size bedroom will seem spacious if you put it next to the window. Give a pretty look to the cabinet using a colorful puller for openings. Equalize the concept of decorations in various mattresses and windows to make it sweeter.

Decorative aesthetics with lamps


Girls who have entered adolescence around 11-15 years, you need to prepare your own room to make it independent. But is certainly not separated form the child's desire for the decorations part. Because it is quite juvenile, this bedroom design uses soft pink color starting from the wall, bed cover, and also star motif fur carpet. To make it more colorful, give an aesthetic touch with Tumble lights as a sweet decorations enhancer in this room. Prepare the middle of the room to full the void using  a luxurious pink matching lamp.

Energetic decorations for the twins


Unique decorations will make girls room interesting and fun. You can give a touch of cheerful colors such as yellow, pink, orange or purple that are a little more calm. If you are the owner of twin girls, the decoration of this room is very quick to try. Two different mattresses of the same size, you can give distance to both mattresses. Because they will tend to almost like something similar as a child. Give one touch of wall decoration using love motif wallpaper with blue color.

Apply the shabby concept to her little adult


Girls at different ages certainly want a different room atmosphere. If it is a little more mature, this minimalist shabby concept room ca be tried. Although dominant with pink color, some decorations you need to try. Such as rose wallpaper, dream catcher accents to multifunctional cabinet.

Summer and cold atmosphere


Choosing a comfortable bedroom theme for the little one needs decorations and fitting arrangement. You can include several theme concepts with the same atmosphere. Warm in summer  can be applied from the general part of the room. Cool impression you can put from bedcover decorations with polar bear motif and wall area with flamingo picture.

Simple and interesting for you who are adults


Girl's room that have started to mature are difficult to manage. This time you need to give a touch of pink color for a girly impression in some parts only. Such as mirror frame details, study chairs and sleeping pillows. Other you can combine with gray and white or beige with earthy impression.

Colorfully theme full of fun


This next girl's bedroom design looks refreshing. Room walls with colorful blaster motifs are the same on the floor area and also bed cover floral motifs. Small size with decorations like this can make a spacious and comfortable impression for the little one.

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