7 Incredible Plant Combination Ideas for Fall. Winter & Summer

7 Incredible Plant Combination Ideas for Fall. Winter & Summer

Homiful.com -- Not all summers can sustain houseplants as well as winter. But there are some plants that are able to survive in the cold temperature and also the heat of the sun. You can plant it in the yard for fun activities. Besides being able to beautify the garden, flower plants can be an effect to relax and raise the mood. Well to make the yard at home look beautiful and fun, here are 7 combinations of plants that are throughout the day.



Petunia is type of flowering plant with the shape of a trumpet. Plants originating form South America can grow about 16-30 cm. Flowers with a gorgeous purple color are very interesting pollinating animals come like hummingbirds. Besides liking sunlight, this plant also likes to be in a damp place and a lot of water. So it is not uncommon for this plant to always grown in winter and heat.

Trailing Rosemary


This plant is one of the plants that come from the Mediterranean. Its green leaves are smooth and coarse with sweet flowers. This rosemary soil cover provides certain scented foliage that can help minimize weeds and make foil good for dry landscape plants.



Beside beautiful, begonia plants become one of the plants that are much sought after because of its beauty. Besides aesthetic and charming pills, this plant treatment is very easy, There is a belied that if planting begonia will get more luck. Beside being suitable for the corner of the room in the house, this plant is resistant in winter and heat because it is second to none.

Red dogwood


This combination of winter and hot plant is very pretty for Christmas season decorations to arrive. You can combine holly plants, berries with dogwood cuttings.



Succulent types are quite a lot for houseplants at home. Its strength that is resistant to dry or cold temperatures makes this plant as the most beautiful plant ever. ranging form green, yellow to red you can get with this type of succulent.

Vican Minor


Vican minor is commonly know as periwinkle which has extensive foliage and flowers. This plant is very useful for drying the cover of the soil and is known for its creeping habits. But with all these benefits, the plant has a weakness that tends to overtake areas with naturalization capabilities. Vican is a plant that often spawns blue flowers in spring whose color can also be lavender, purple or white.

Mexican Feather Grass


Ornamental grass this one is very popular in use by home gardeners for landscape design. Its texture is graceful, smooth and grows in cascades like a beautiful fountain. Very tolerant of dryness with its attractive allure.

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