7 Garden Fence Decoration Ideas to Follow

Homiful.com -- Having a garden fence is important. It keeps your garden and home area safe from unwanted animal or unwanted outside interference. But, if you have a simple and  boring fence, we suggest you to take your garden into the next level with some decoration ideas.

Have a look at these  7 Garden Fence Decoration Ideas to Follow!

Vine and, string lights and pennants


If your fence is adjacent to the outdoor seating area, don't let the garden fence look simple and boring. You can add simple decorations to make the fence stand out more. You can put vines with reddish leaves that give autumn vibes. In addition, adding string lights into the fence will also add a beautiful dim atmosphere at night.

Geranium and Lady Bug


Make your garden fence be bright and beautiful by adding geranium in the hanging planters and some artificial lady bugs. The white, red and green of the geranium make this wooden fence look more colorful. While, the artificial lady bugs make the garden fence have a lively and fun impression.

Flower on a little cans


You certainly have to repaint your garden fence regularly to make it more durable and still look attractive. On newly painted fence, you can decorate it with little cans that filled with some flowers. You can reuse some old cans and make it into a beautiful hanging planter.

New Paint is New Fence


If you're bored with the appearance of your garden fence, the easiest way to upgrade its appearance is to give the fence a new paint color. You can choose the iris color on the garden fence. The new paint give you a new look of garden fence.

Stencil art and leftover paint


If you are saving money on renovating the fence or just running out of fence paint, you can apply the idea of decorating the fence in the picture above. You just need to make stencils and use leftover paint to make this beautiful stencils art on the garden fence. 

Hanging terracotta garden on the fence

A sturdy solid garden fence will be more useful if you put some plants on it. Install a floating shelf in cacti-shaped, so the garden on the fence look more unique. The sturdy solid fence combine with greenery, making the garden fence comes into life.

A Vintage Floating Shelf

Give it a bit of a vintage touch on the garden fence. Place the floating shelf in vintage style on the fence. Besides being unique, this decoration is also very useful.  You can place the greenery or other decorations on this vintage floating shelf.

Well, there are so many ways to make our garden fence look so beautiful. You can modify the garden fence by decorating it. No need of expensive things, even inexpensive one or the thing that you make by yourself can take a garden fence to the next level. 


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