7 DIY Outdoor Water Fountain Ideas

Homiful.com -- Nothing is more beautiful compared to a garden with fountain. A fountain will give a fresh visual appealing. A fountain also will give you some psychological effects. Seeing the water flowing from a certain height will relieve your stress. Hearing the sound of water is so relaxing and calming. 

If you have enough time or simply want to save money, you can make your own outdoor water fountain. There are some soothing DIY garden fountains that worth to make by yourself. They're quite easy to make. You can use some used items to create your DIY outdoor water fountains.

A teapot fountain


Make this simple DIY fountain for your garden. Bring your worn-out teapot and one cup to turn into a refreshing teapot fountain. Create an adequate water system, where water can flow through the teapot funnel and fall into the cup. Decorate it with greenery and pebbles.

A bowl fountain


Build this a bowl-shaped fountain from clay. You can use available items at home, importantly it is shaped like a bowl and is quite large. It's quite simple and easy to maintain. Place it around the houseplants to complete your outdoor space.

Cascading fountains


If you want to build a cascading fountain, it is best if you make it from the starch. You can make it form cement or clay. Each element is arranged in tiers to display water falling in stages. Although it is quite consuming time and energy as well as money-consuming, but you will get a very artistic view of the cascading fountain. 

 Japan-style water fountain


This outdoor water fountain may look substantial, but all it is a large pot set in the garden, with some pebbles inside. The shower is made of bamboo that has natural freshness. The combination of bamboo and concrete pots around the bamboo garden will give you a soothing tranquility. 

Copper fountain


This type of fountain is quite difficult to make. The easiest part is that you can modify the shape the way you want. For example, make it look beautiful by arranging it in cascading shape. Decorate it with golden photos and colorful pebbles. 

Watering can fountain


Don't make the corner of your outdoor space look blank. Beautify it with a DIY watering can fountain. Use unused watering cans (but worth using and not leaking), to then arrange like a fountain. Used stairs can be used as a buffer and a place to put decorations such as lanterns and flowers. 

DIY bamboo fountain


The bamboo fountain is quite stunning to be placed in the corner of your outdoor space. This fountain is made of bamboo arranged beautifully. The fountain stand is decorated with artificial vines that make this fountain brighter and more colorful. The sound of the water is so relaxing and calming.

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