7 Cool Indoor Vines & Climbers You Don't Know About

Homiful.com -- Growing plants indoor, it can be a fun activity. Other than plants in regular potted media, consider choosing indoor vines and climber that will enliven the atmosphere in your home. The most usual vines and climbers like philodendrons and pothos is quite mainstream. But, if you want to add some different vines and climbers to your space, you must know some cool indoor vines people don't know and don't grow in their home. So, here's one such list of 7 Cool Indoor Vines & Climbers You Don't Know About

Although rarely planted by people, it doesn't mean unattractive or difficult to care for. These vines and climber are just less popular, that you can try as alternatives plant.

1. Hoya Plants (Hoya spp)


Hoya plant have unique waxy foliage and fragrant flowers. It looks stunning with thick and spiral-shaped foliage that can grow approximately a foot in length. You can plant with in propagation medium or simply let it hang in the pot. Hoya love indirect light, and it doesn't require constant watering.

2. Forest Cactus (Lepismium bolivianum)


Forest cactus is a great style of indoor vines. Forest cactus is a native of Bolivian jungle. The green thick and spilling stems looks so fresh and stunning, make it perfect as a hanging vine in the corner of your room. Just remember to water these plants once a day.


3.  String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus)


String of pearls is a beautiful succulent plant.This plant is unique with a string of green pearls that grows dangling on the hanging pot. These plant grow well in bright light. You can place it on a sunny windowsill.

4. Pilea peperomioides


Anyone will be amazed to see this prominent and lush leaf. The leaves have coin-shaped that will make your corner look so good.  But, you need extra care to make it thrive. The leaves are getting brown spot if over watering. Try deep watering it from the bottom once to soil is dry. 

5. Ivy Uruguay (Cissus striata)


This slim, evergreen climbing plant surely will freshen up your mini library space. The dangling leaves seem so beautiful around the bookshelf. It can be grown in a hanging basket, in a window box and more. 

6. Peperomia pepperspot


Peperomia pepperspot has green, glossy leaves with long, soft, red tinged stem  that look so unique. This cute plant is quite lesser-known. This succulent plant also so easy peasy to take care. It don't need too much water and no direct sunlight.

7. Tradescantia


The leaves are lanceolate in shape with flat leaf margins or entire with parallel leaf bones. The leaf color pattern has 3 colors of greenish gray, bluish gray, and the middle part is turquoise and darker in color. You can grow it in a pot or hanging basket.

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