7 Best Windowsill Herbs to Grow on Windows

7 Best Windowsill Herbs to Grow on Windows

Homiful.com -- Spices are one of the herbal flavors in every home dish. Not les than five-star restaurant, herb around the house are very health and can be easy to reach. You need to grow this plant at home with the reason when buying in store the price is quite expensive and this certainly makes you a little extravagant in spending. Just a few pots is enough to prepare 7 type of herbs that you can plant at home. According to our recommendations below!



Parsley is more than just decoration for windows in the house. He has a content of vitamin C, iron, fiber and calcium that can make one of the best herbs to grow indoors. You just have to add this plant to your diet in search of something  healthier than anything else. Delicious aromas you can mix into the soup and also be a beautiful garnish in your dish. She likes sunlight so quickly it will thrive.



If you want to keep the kitchen room fragrant, rosemary is one of the best herb to grow indoors. A ray of sunshine that can give the kitchen a much fresher aroma and herbal flavor. Very make the dish so delicious, you just add to the grill steak or soup you.



This thyme herbs also likes the full sun, such as oregano which can grow well during receiving light for several hours in each day. Do not for get to water this plants if the soil is dry. Thyme flavor is favorite when you mix in a sauce dish or grilled. Its attractive stems can also be the perfect decorations for your food.



Another sun-loving plant is leeks. Besides being able to add flavor to the wrong dishes, edibles and potatoes, this plant is very flavorful. You can put it in the kitchen room window to make it e beautiful decorations. its rapid growth, so you need to often to cut this lower leaf to the base.



Oregano is another indoor herb that loves sunlight. As long ass the water and light supply is met, this plant can thrive well, If you want this plant in the dish, snip off the stems and leaf strips of this oregano. You can also dry the plants to be a flavorful kitchen seasoning suitable for roasted food.



Even everyone loves mint leaves for a variety of salah dishes in summer to soft drinks. Plants suitable for morning smoothies and yogurt you can be indoor plants with maximum sun intake. Even mint is best to store in its own pot or container because it grow very fast.



Basil or basil leaves love warm places and moist soil. His growth is so fast that he loves winter. To prevent it from flowering, you can prune this plant from the top, They can leave leaves and stems that can become wooden and less flavorful. These leaves are very fresh for salads, or chicken dishes as a fragrant plant.

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