7 Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyard

Homiful.com -- Need some privacy on your backyard? A backyard fence is your solution. When you have no fencing, there is no barrier to your yard.  A fence will act as clear boundaries and ensure the safety of your family members and pets in your own yard. There are some backyard fences that you can choose. And if you need some ideas, let's check out 7 Best Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyard.


1. Stone Wall Fence


The natural stone plate is very suitable for the backyard fence. It has natural rough look that look like stones in a river. Stone wall fence is a great idea for the backyard. It's quite strong and sturdy and keep unwanted animals off your property. 

2. Cedar Fence


A modern costume horizontal cedar fence looks so harmonious with the green backyard. A cedar fence is set in a tight and neat horizontal model, so that it give the privacy you seek. A modern cedar fence is also eco-friendly, and very suitable for those of you who want your backyard protected and still look natural.

3. A wall and wooden fence


A wall and fence can serve as a beautiful backyard barrier. The design itself is quite modern and best for planter or garden backdrop. The horizontal cedar fence surely will give you the best privacy. You can enjoy a backyard party, without have to worry that someone will peek at your party.

4. Gabion fence


Gabion is actually an exterior wall structure, but you can create it as a guardrail for the backyard of the house. Gabion is made from a mixture of wire and stone. The stone used should adjust the wire wall. The gabion fence not only looks natural but also strong and sturdy.

5. Modular Wall Fence


Bringing a heightened appreciation of textures, natural finishes and raw materials with this modular wall fence. A modular wall commonly used for high end residential fencing. Modular wall display amazing rigidity in any situation.

6. Simtek Fence


Simtek may be the right fit for those of you who seek privacy and modern fence design. Simtek is an eco-stone fencing system that offers you the top qualities of a natural stone fence with countless customizable features. It's a perfect way to create your custom fence.

7. Brick and Wood plank Fence


Are you looking for a privacy fence at a more affordable price? A brick and wood plank fence may be the good option. The materials are easy to get at a low price. The brick and wood plank fence have a high design to provide maximum privacy. In addition to giving you privacy, this fence also look naturally beautiful.

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