7 Best Indoor Trees (and Tropical Plants) To Grow In Your Living Room


Homiful.com -- The living room is the first room that will be seen when there are guests who come to visit your home. Beautiful living room decoration will certainly give an interesting impression in your home.

Many people choose to beautify the look of the living room by adding greenery decorations. Because in addition to refreshing, some indoor plants have a function as an air filter and also a dust absorber. Well, for your inspirations, let's see "7 best indoor trees (and plants) to grow in your living room" below.

Minimalist living room design with fiddle leaf fig plant

by : @dindamartavani

For those of you who want the impression of shade and cool in the room of ornamental plants in form of mini trees become one solution. This fiddle leaf fig plant is quite large, so cook to decorate the corner of your living room.

Beautiful living room design with Areca Palm

by : @rinalatif22

Maintaining plants is one of the activities that can repel saturation. Area Palm is a plant that can grow up to 6 meters, but when parked at home is only 3 meters high. This plant is able to absorb dirty air in the room.

Cool living room with Monstera decoration

by : @adindatiar4

For those of you plant lovers, surely know about Monstera plants that are being popular. This Monstera plant has wide leaves, with a beautiful shape. The older the age of this plant. the older the tone of green color on the leaves.

Fresh Living room with Calathea Lutea

by : @hom_e2015

A fresh impression will be immediately felt when we enter this minimalist-designed living room. Calathea Lutea is known for its beautiful indoor plants, has a wide leaf shape, height, so its is suitable to be used as a decoration of your living room.

Cool living room deign with Cordyline Australis

by : @ratnatjahyo

This plant is commonly used as a decoration that decorates the corners of the room. Having a long leaf shape and resembling a sword  makes this plant popular and much loved. Well, you can put on rattan pots for a more aesthetic impression

Gorgeous living room with a variety of plants

by : @sriwahyunin_

Greenery if often chosen as a room decoration. The presence of plants is proven to give a calming impression and can ban the mood for the better. So you put more than one plant in the house.

Modern living room inspiration with Peace Lily

by : @rumah.rnj

Peace lily is one of the recommendations of indoor plants that can make the room look more beautiful. This plant has a beautiful white flower color and has the ability to clean the air in the living room.

Well, that's 7 best indoor trees (and tropical plants) to grow in your living room that can be an inspiration for you. Of the above plant recommendations, which one is your favorite?

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