7 Best Flowers for Full Sun | Heat Tolerant Flowers

7 Best Flowers for Full Sun | Heat Tolerant Flowers

Homiful.com -- In the summer that is currently being served there is no other reason to make your yard turn colorful with beautiful flowers and bloom every day. Even throughout the season you can design a yard with beautiful flowers all year round to entertain yourself when you are tired of work. Well this is how you to start the summer flowers and beautiful flowers throughout the day. This is the type of flower you can use in the house below!

Lemon Verbena


Well the type of plants that must be in the yard oy your house this time is from the United States. Lemon Verbena that can be grown all over the world can also be planted around the house. Strong aroma of Lemon Verbena you can use as an indoor plant at once and placed near the window or door room. its pleasant aroma can make the feeling much calmer. Beautiful white flowers will bloom in summer to early autumn.



These marigold appear on almost every pretty flower list that idea with reason "Because they are classic" (especially as container plants and bed plants). The growth of fertile and easy care you can let e heart grow in the yard of the house. They have a very beautiful and varied flowers crown such as yellow, cheerful orange. It's good that you're doing this all season, especially summer where it will bloom very beautifully and make your home monotonous.



As one of the tropical plants, Lantana still likes the heat and also the humid atmosphere. But would be very happy if in can grow in moist soil. However, it can still thrive in the sun, especially the afternoon sun. They can bloom throughout the year endlessly with beautiful, bright colors such as red, yellow, orange, pink also white. They will be very favored by bees, ants and also hummingbirds that have honey when blooming.



One type of flower plant that mosquitoes do not like is Geranium flowers. Known to tolerate heat better than other types of plants. Growth that needs a consistent level of inertia, you as the owner should water it often but not excessively. Because you love the afternoon sun, sometimes you will have this in summer so that the flowers can bloom all day beautifully.



This flower that is almost similar to this daisy comes from Mexico. Can absorb heat dryness well, so this plant is ideal to decorate the entire yard of the house. Especially for those of you who live in deserts or areas with bad soil. Maintenance is very easy, suitable to accompany your sleep. In addition, these plants can help too rich soils will make them weak and floppy.



Salvia is known for its sage  plants. Long blooms, segment resistant and easy to grow and easy maintain. Summer becomes a day that is very favored by this land especially when the sun is full. So this plant is ideal for dry gardens and landscape of greed. Since the flower is most striking with a blue or purple color, it sill bloom throughout the heat and appeal to pollinating plants.



Sedum is a type of succulent plant whose maintenance is low when they come. Resistant there is heat, dry, moisture and also laboring soil. A little can survive in less than ideal conditions though. With this quality that makes sedum as a plant both for arid climate and rocky garden. Because you don't like wet feet, make sure this light is placed on the ground that flows well in full sunlight.


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