7 Best Blue Flowers to Grow In Containers

7 Best Blue Flowers to Grow In Containers

Homiful.com -- Blue color is an element of tranquility that can give the soul feel more comfortable. One of the is by planting blue flowers in the garden with a positive aura and become an attractive to your landscape. Here we have a list of the best blue flower plant to grow in the container to help you choose who likes let's see the options below!



Those of you who live in the region in a climate with a cool summer is perfect for planting this delphinium. Suitable for the yard of the house, but does not close the possibility also to put it in a container. The blue color they have is very beautiful with clustered shaped. Depending in how big this plant is to place on the container, so you need to adjust it.



All corn flowers can grow every and year and thrive in the same climate. These wildflowers become very pretty for containers at home. By growing tall that does not reach 3 feet, small to medium places can be the best place. The treatment of this plant is quite easy with flowers blooming every day.



This Hydrangea can grow on temperate climates with sufficient heat intensity. These flowers can bloom if the soil PH is appropriate. If the soil is acidic, the color will turn blue (also add sulfur to lower the soil PH). If you want to plant in a pot, provide a container with a large diameter of about 18 inches. Because this plant likes the afternoon sun, place or remove outdoors with soil inertia well to help its growth.



Almost every year, biennials until each climate of this plant can grow. With the name viola or pansy which has little difference. They will bloom in autumn and spring. However they will beautiful when blooming beautifully in winter on the area (USDA Zone 10-11). Many colors are easily found a variety of blue colors, such as true blue, blue blotch and neon violet which some of the above names you can search for.

Rose of Sharon


This plant can grow in temperate climates but can also be for in hot areas with care carefully for its treatment. This plant is the most popular ornamental shrub. Hibiscus plants you can move into a fairly large container. Blue color variations are important for the landscape in the house. Many varieties of the best blue color that you can look for such as blue bird, blue chiffon, and blue satin. This shrub plant can grow up to 8 - 10 feet above ground.

Notes : Prepare a container that corresponds to the current size of the plant.



Growth of this plant can be resided in the climate if has (USDA Zone - 10 - 11). Planting clematis needs a large container because it needs a large place. Beautiful blue color makes clematis have many cultivars such as ice blue, blue pirouette to Emilia plater. This plant can receive the sun in full, with moisture well maintained in order to air its growth.

Morning Glory


Vines on this glorious morning are timeless for a warm climate. Although only a little true blue color like "Heavenly Blue" Morning glory. Can grow in an easy place such as medium pot size. With plants in full sunlight can still live and flower. Give it afternoon sunlight to make it thrive and fast.

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