7 Best Balcony Gardens for 2021

Homiful.com -- In addition to serving to provide free space around the house, the balcony can be turned into a pleasant relaxing area. There are many things you can do at balcony.  You can do your farming hobby in the balcony area and make it as fresh balcony garden. More air and natural lighting can make your plants thrive. You can also relax and enjoy the beauty of the plants that you care for in the balcony area while enjoying the fresh air. 

Here Helloshabby.com has summarized the 7 best balcony gardens for 2021 that can be your reference, we sure that your balcony will be a more functional and pleasant.

Vintage Theme Balcony Garden


This balcony garden comes with a natural feel with a 'worn' impression or commonly called vintage. Vintage accents are especially seen from the use of worn-out wood materials on balcony fence upholstery and some balcony decorations. This balcony garden is more functioned as a space to relax and gather, therefore the design of balcony chairs is chosen with a sectional model that can accommodate many people.

A Neatly Arranged Balcony Garden

The balcony can be used as a space for gardening and caring for your pet. If the space is limited, you can arrange your collection of plants in an iron shelf that has been arranged in such a way on the sides of the balcony. That way, your balcony garden can still accommodate plenty of your plants and still look spacious enough.

Flower Balcony Garden


Flower garden has its own magic effect that can make us calmer and relax. We can also create a flower garden in the balcony area. It's not that hard to make it happen. Even with a narrow balcony space, we can still put some balcony flower plants that would be good to choose for balcony gardens, you plant the begonia, petunia, hydrangea, chrysanthemum and more. More flowers will make your day better.


For those of you who have a balcony with a fairly large size,  you can apply the design of balcony garden above. The synthetic grass makes the look of the house balcony even more fresh. You can add various plants such as caladium, cactus, calatea luthea and others that will enliven  the balcony space. For more fun, add a chair swing that you can use to relax. 

Small Balcony Garden Design


Small balcony space? Don't worry, this minimalist balcony can be transformed into a fresh green space on the second floor. The floor area is carpeted with grass to give it a dominant green look. Various plants can be placed on the sides of the balcony, so that the natural freshness will always be felt. Not to mention add a pair of garden chairs to relax in the morning with your loved ones.

A Beuatiful Balcony Garden

You can make the entire balcony area into a fresh green garden. Just make sure what you plant is fit in with the weather climate in your area and still be able to live in a windy balcony environment. Don't forget to trim up the plants regularly and remove damaged part to keep your plant fresh. If the sun is become a big problem, consider to cover your balcony garden with an umbrella or fabric.

Vertical Balcony Garden


Not everyone is blessed with a large balcony garden, for example in a small house or apartment. But it's no big deal to bring out a beautiful balcony garden. You can make a small balcony area into a beautiful garden by creating a vertical garden. Arrange your favorite flower collections vertically and let them thrive. Your balcony garden becomes more vibrant and beautiful.

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