6 Stunning Small Living Room Decor Ideas

6 Stunning Small Living Room Decor Ideas

Homiful.com -- If your living room, sitting room or living room has a narrow and messy size, then the last thing you can do is to trick the interior. The small way is that you can set the layout of the room, the selection of furniture to the distance between different space. By modeling the design of this stunning little living room, you can leave the decor before and update with a fresher new look.

Install smart natural lighting


If the size of the living room in the house does not allow to add other furniture anymore. This time can play smart with its lighting. You can choose the middle area to hang the beautiful lights of any model. If you want a sparing and natural, use the room window by filling transparent curtains to adjust the lighting to taste. Well the most important thing is to use a minimalist is bright and reflect like a wall of white color.

Change layout settings


If the size of the living room at home is small, the game room for a small house with the concept of open plan is often used. But this time you cam try this trick. Create a sense of privacy by creating two different spaces using glass sliding doors for a spacious feel. Also use the selection of a sofa that fits perfectly without filling the space or leaving even one small space.

Take advantage of high ceilings


As a fairly easy solution to do when designing a small living room is a concern for the ceiling of the room. Raise the window model of the room and raise the placement of the curtains for a spacious impression and more to keep the atmosphere of the room more attractive. The application of high hanging curtains in this room will add an airtight impression Keep the curtains on the ground and use a large fabric.

Select a dark color


For some small living room areas, dark colors and shiny impression on the background or sofa selection. Besides being able to impress, you can combine with nice and expensive items to give a small living room so bolder. Such as abstract painting design that is colorful and tends to be dark and a set of moss green sofas along with cushions that are quite attractive various motifs.

Space scale game


No need to be afraid to design a small living room in the house, you can distinguish between dramatic and well-curated collections. This stunning simple small living room design you can arrange the selection of walls by giving a little content of the room. Make the maximum functional, the selection of one sofa alone can be used for a comfortable impression for guest who come.

Select a large size rug


Even paying attention to other elements in the small living room in addition to furniture is very influential. One of them is a carpet room that has a bold pattern with an impression that can give wide-looking look. Small rug size will feel awkward is used. Then a small living room design like this can be tried by joining other decorations that show this living room feels inviting for guest and relatives who come.

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