6 Plants That You Can Always Regrow At Kitchen


Homiful.com -- To make the kitchen look fresher, you can add beautiful greenery decorations. Plants in the kitchen not only server to provide beauty, but also make it more beautiful and look more shady.

Well, approximately what plants are suitable to place in your kitchen? Let's check out the review of "6 plants that you can always regrow at kitchen" below that you can use as inspiration.

Gorgeous kitchen with Aloe Vera plant

by : @alzia_hana

Aloe Vera is one of the plants that is often used as a decoration of the room. It has a unique shape and also its diverse functions make it as a plant that is much liked by many circles. In addition, Aloe Vera content is very good to maintain skin moisture.

Fresh kitchen with Sansevieria

by : @angketi.keti

Sansevieria plant are suitable for decorations in the kitchen because this plant can survive in dry conditions and low light. The long, vertical shape of the leaves give a unique impression. Sansevieria has a function as a good air filter that makes your kitchen feel cooler.

Cool and pretty kitchen with Chinese Evergreens

by : @astri_purplehomie

Chinese Evergreen plant is a fairly popular plant in the world. This type of plant also has an easy car and an attractive appearance. Well, you can put it in the corner of the kitchen for a cooler atmosphere.

Gorgeous kitchen with spider plant

by : @atih_rachmayanti

Types of ornamental plants that can make your kitchen look cool and beautiful at the same time is spider plant. This plant besides being beautiful also does not require special and string care stored in a closed room. Spider plants are also capable of cleaning the air.

Charming kitchen design with Monstera decor

by : @gibranfarel25

Monstera is a popular type of tropical ornamental plant. Monstera plants are often used as decorations on some interior concepts such as minimalist style. This minimalist kitchen looks charming with Monstera decoration placed near the stove.

ZZ plants in the corner of the kitchen 

by : @rayshabelqya

ZZ plants area one of the right choice for those of you who want the kitchen atmosphere to feel cooler. This plant can also withstand various of the room, so it does not matter if put in your kitchen.

Well that's 6 plants that you can always regrow at kitchen that you can make inspiration at home. Of the above plants, what plants do you like the most?

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