6 Indoor Air Purifying Plants


7 Indoor Air Purifying Plants

Homiful.com -- Putting plants indoors is a sustainable way to rapidly improve air quality in the space. Certain plants can also absorb harmful gases and area able to clean the air in the room. Although ornamental plants will not make the air clean overall, but in a filter to clean that air in the room well in addition to adding aesthetics. Here are 7 plants that can detox the room and improve air quality well.

Spider plant


This spider plant can remove low levels of formaldehyde, xylene and toluene form the air. Easy treatment with rapid fertility in the sun but indirectly.



Like most plant, this palm can biologically pick up carbon dioxide and release oxygen. But the difference is the ability to neutralize the environment and eliminate chemicals such as formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. Flush in frequent times because this plant needs special care and should be careful.

Peace lily


Similar to previous plants, peace lily can also eliminate low levels of benzene. Grow rectum in the sun but no directly. Then it is appropriate to be down into the room. It's distinctive features are the shape of the leaves and the dense color with white flowers that bloom when it is time.

Chinese Evergreen


This chinese evergreen plant can grow indoors, so you need to give it enough sun and not outrageous. Treat plant with a breed. And provide enough light. With the same benefits as others to keep the quality of air good.

Snake plant


Not only can it contain toxic substances as usual, it is extraordinary to be an ornamental plant. Can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen ay night (some other common ornamental plants only do this during the day)

English ivy


This leaf that is considered scared can give the atmosphere in the room so it is fresher and soothing. Green perennials classified with wood vines. The best time to plant this plant is in spring. With its rapid growth and help the air in the room become better.

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