6 Ideas Remodeling Small Bathroom Stylish Are Amazing

6 Ideas Remodeling Small Bathroom Stylish Are Amazing

Homiful.com -- If you have decided to completely remodel the bathroom in the house. Then it needs to start from a few things. It could be on the placement of showers, bathtubs, toilets and even the selection of sinks. Especially if you have to choose the size of the bathroom from large to small size to save space and overcome the excess space in the house. Whatever you will be looking for, hopefully these 6 ideas can help you in choosing in the right bathroom design for a small house. 

Close the barrier between the toilet and bathtub

This first stylish bathroom design applies a bit of tropical style. Prioritizing the comfort of space, you can separate the bathtub and toilet area using glass with frames. If it feels uncomfortable, you can install waterproof curtains. The selection of minimalist-white bathroom facilities like this can provide a clean effect, which fits between the parquet floors.

Open concept bathroom


To remodel the bathroom in the house, the selection of the layout of the room is very necessary to pay attention. By sliding out of the house, you can make the concept open for a natural bathroom here. Prepare a bathtub made of wood for a warm design. Shower area can be inserted in the room with elegant and classy space walls.

Add one vanity


As a space in the bathroom, the selection of vanity you can prepare with a similar model between the concept of space. Although only one vanity cabinet in it has enough space as storage. The you don't have to worry about putting toiletries where.

Modern semi industrialist


Applying a comfortable bathroom for homeowners can be overhauled easily. You can apply the concept of modern semi-industrialist that carry a minimalist theme. Selection of white interior can be seen from the wall. Floor using cement without ceramic materials can be tried to give a comfortable impression. You can also distinguish the shower and toilet area for extra comfort.

Vintage style for bathroom bungalows


As a different decoration, remodeling the bathroom with the concept of bungalows like this idea is quite interesting to try. You can use a bathtub with natural stone base. Application of wooden roof you can use to give the impression of matching with the outdoor bathroom. Decorate the wall part with ceramic motifs that beautify the bathroom.

Ignore the bathtub and use the shower


The use of a bathtub in the small bathroom will take up space. Then you can investigate using a shower. If one shower is lacking, add one more shower to make the bathroom more functional.

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